Assistant Driller

Luanda, Luanda Province, Angola
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Company: Transocean
Skills: Derrickman, Directional Driller, Driller
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Luanda, Luanda Province, Angola

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: Angola

Job Summary

  • Assist the Driller in operating drilling and mud circulating equipment as instructed in the well program and in accordance to Company policies and procedures.
  • Actively promote Transocean Shared Values


Job Description


Reports to the Driller


Supervises the Derrickhand, Pumphand, and Floorhand


  • High school diploma or equivalent. Work experience and demonstrated ability of oral and written communications may be substituted in lieu of formal education.
  • Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates.
  • Knowledge of all technical calculations required for the safe operation of the drilling unit.
  • Basic computer skills.



  • Perform the drilling department's daily checklists, i.e. QHSE checks, mast/Derrick inspection, choke and kill manifold set up, etc. - Authority I
  • Maintain accurate records of tubular and tool dimensions (i.e. internal and external diameter, fish neck, and serial numbers) - Authority I
  • Calculate ton-miles on drilling line; maintain an accurate logbook and advise the Driller on the need to slip and cut - Authority I
  • Maintain an organized drilling equipment store and tubular and subs inventory - Authority I
  • Maintain proper communication with the Driller, Toolpusher, and other department heads - Authority I
  • Read and interpret various gauges and meters relating to the drilling operations; assist the Driller in maintaining records and logs - Authority I
  • Actively participate in pre-tour meeting with the drilling crew for all drilling operations - Authority I
  • Assist and relieve the Driller at the Driller's console during drilling operations - Authority II
  • Assist with the preparation of equipment for impending drilling operations - Authority II
  • Organize and supervise the drilling crews for all operations - Authority II
  • Assist the Driller during an emergency or well control situation; assist in the well killing operations - Authority II
  • Assist in supervision of Preventive Maintenance carried out on drilling equipment - Authority II
  • Assist in supervision of repairs on drilling and associated equipment - Authority II
  • Assist in running and cementing casing strings, running and retrieving BOPs and risers, and other operations as directed by the Driller or Toolpusher - Authority II
  • Monitor mud systems and supervise solids control equipment and mud mixing operation - Authority II
  • Assist in the planning, organization and execution of rig move operations - Authority II
  • Operate drilling and associated equipment as directed by the Driller, i.e. Top Drive System, mud pumps, BOP and Diverter controls, etc. - Authority III
  • Know the clients' rules and Company procedures for well control and blowout prevention - Authority I


  • Incorporate the THINK process into all tasks, whether working alone or as part of a team - Authority I
  • Participate daily in START process - Authority I
  • Ensure subordinate personnel are properly trained in the START process - Authority I
  • Call a Time Out for Safety (TOFS) whenever an unplanned hazard or a change in the expected results is observed - Authority I
  • Ensure all relevant safety procedures and practices are adhered to during drilling operations, in accordance to the Company HS manual - Authority I
  • Report any incidents, potential hazards or abnormal situations to the Driller or Toolpusher - Authority I
  • Actively participate in weekly safety meetings and pre-tour meetings as required, FOCUS Improvement Process, and all other Company safety management systems - Authority I
  • Assist in conducting drilling operations safety drills as and when required - Authority II
  • Demonstrate commitment to the Company's safety policies through leadership and guidance - Authority I
  • Ensure that a high standard of hygiene and housekeeping is maintained onboard the rig - Authority I


  • Meet the training requirements according to the applicable training matrix - Authority I
  • Participate in the annual performance appraisal process - Authority II
  • Mentor, coach, develop and train crew members to ensure that they are competent to work at their next job level - Authority II
  • Provide leadership and motivation to rig personnel. Apply continuous improvement process - Authority I
  • Assist in training to ensure that all personnel are competent to perform their allocated jobs - Authority I
  • Promote and maintain a good working relationship with other departments, third-party personnel and Customer Representatives - Authority I

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