Company: Shell
Skills: Facilities Engineer, Maintenance Engineer
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
No location/work authorization restrictions found.

Job Description

Responsible to the Asset Manager, Asset Owner and Lead Facilities Engineer for assuring asset technical integrity in accordance with Group HSSE-Control Framework and Asset Management System (AMS) requirements for assigned areas or terminals in Thailand. As "Ship Engineer" of the assigned areas and/or Terminals, he/she has a single-point accountability to the Facilities teams for the execution of capital opportunities and major maintenance works as well as for the planning and monitoring of asset inspection and maintenance activities, implementing the identified contracting strategies using competent personnel and established procedures.

He/she will be accountable to the Asset Manager/Owner (i.e. Terminal Managers or TM) to ensure there is full support for Global T&S programs such as FLBM (Front Line Barrier Management), TiC (Terminal in Control), Process Safety & Integrity Leadership, AMS Reset and DGIP (DGAME Improvement Program). DGAME is Distribution Global Asset Management Excellence.

Key Tasks:
  • Support embedding the Asset Management System in each assigned Terminal as per the AMS requirements.
  • Support the delivery of DGIP Project as per schedule, within budget, at the right quality.
  • Support implementing a DGAME/DGIP S&I team (Sustain & Improve) and process to ensure the health of the DGAME 6-Pillars and the link between the 4 DGAME processes.
  • Visit each assigned terminal at least two a quarter. These site visits should be scheduled, with a proper agenda, to ensure that all aspects of AMS (i.e., Asset Integrity-Process Safety (AI-PS), DGAME, Assurances, TiC, etc.) are discussed.
  • Interface smoothly with Terminal Manager and HSSE Advisor to Project Management team, R&I team, and other SMEs for any engineering and HSSE matters, respective to his/her assigned terminal(s)
  • Ensure that there is a robust implementation of the Technical Authority (TA) structure at terminal-level, as per the HSSE-CF. Ensure there is a consistent utilization of the TA-structure to provide assurance of control points as defined in the ACAL (Asset Controls and Assurance List) and PCAP (Project Controls & Assurance Plan)
  • Support in ensuring that there a robust application of the Management of Change (MOC), Statement of Fitness (SOF) processes at the assigned Terminals.
  • Manage and support AIPSM requirements of the HSSE-CF that span risk management, design and construction, inspection and maintenance and process safety culture.
  • Support driving cost effective delivery of engineering services using fit-for-purpose standards, and practices
  • Ensure and support delivery of the capex project targets on quality, budget, schedule and construction safety requirements; Ensure all Construction HSSE targets are met in the execution of engineering works. Seek continuous improvement and professionalization of the contractor framework.
  • Participate actively Reliability & Integrity (R&I) plan reviews and ensure their completion as per DGAME manual requirements. This is to support discussions and process of optimizing integrity assessments. Ensures that R&I Plans are always up-to-date throughout entire asset lifecycle.
  • Communicate to bring in necessary Subject Matter Expert (SME) support to accomplish R&I reviews, RBI (Risk-based inspection), Lean and Continue Improvement (CI) activities as needed by Facilities Engineering team and Terminal Ops
  • Ensure that SCE list (Safety Critical Equipment), Asset register & tagging, and GSAP-PM data is always up-to-date throughout the asset lifecycle.
  • Ensure that all SCEs are accounted for, risk-assessed, and have fit-for-purpose control and mitigation plans (R&I Plans) set up for each one. Ensure that SCEs are properly tagged on-site.
  • Manage all MX01/MX02 work orders (Preventive Maintenance) are accomplished within the allowable period. Ensure that SCE Extension guidelines are adhered to by Operations.
  • Manage all MX03/MX04 works orders (Corrective Maintenance and Breakdown) are completed and/or managed appropriately esp. on risk exposure.
  • Manage Terminal Repairs & Maintenance expenses within the planned budget
  • Review results of Technical Inspections with Terminal and R&I Engineer for agreed actions and get approved/signed off according to the TA-Structure and DGAME manuals, and that recommendations are documented, and necessary follow-up actions are raised via GSAP-PM and/or Projects/MOC processes.
  • Ensure that the Process Resource tools (PRTs) are sufficient and adequate to be able to perform key integrity tasks according to acceptable standard. Ensure that PRTs are kept up-to-date, and fit-for-purpose.
  • Support improvements in maintenance practice through RCA of Bad Actors and the improvement in the Maintenance Contracting strategies
  • Ensure that ACAL and PCAP requirements on QA/QC are accomplished and documented at assigned terminals
  • Ensure that Design Basis and Operating Limit data are available and kept up-to-date at assigned terminals
  • Ensure that all HSSE-CF Critical Drawings and Documents are kept up-to-date at assigned terminals
  • Participate in Failure investigations and Root Cause Analysis, and perform roles according to HSSE-CF guidelines.
  • Ensure that there is proper support given to Terminal Ops onboarding and competence management programs (FLBM-Front-Line Barrier Management)
  • Ensure that third-party inspection and service contractors have the necessary competence, qualifications, and/or certifications to perform the inspection and maintenance work in the assigned Terminals.
  • Support Terminal LOD1 activities (Line of Defense or self-assurance process)
  • Drive and ensure the maintenance safety practices to arrive Goal Zero and no First-Aid Case (FAC) as well as no Medical Treatment Case (MTC)

1. Subordinate: 0-1 contracted staff or equivalent (in case of Service Contract supports)
2. Coverage: 1-2 Terminals
3. Capex Budget: USD 3-4 million per annum for assigned terminals
4. Opex Budget: USD 0.4-0.6 million per annum for assigned terminals

Company Description

Shell's presence in Thailand dates back to 1892 when the first barge containing Shell kerosene docked in Bangkok. Today, Shell is one of the largest and the longest-established multinational operations in Thailand.
The Shell Brand is one of the most esteemed and well respected in the Thai energy sector. Shell played a pioneering role in the advancement of the industry, from the establishment of refineries to a nationwide network of gasoline stations. The company has also helped to strengthen the talent base within the energy sector in Thailand
For more than 120 years of our operations in Thailand, Shell has been growing side by side with the country's developing economy. We have been committed to developing products of quality and to preserving the environment. Our goal is not only to achieve business success but also to play an active role in helping improve society.



Project Management - Awareness
Maintenance Reliability and Integrity - Knowledge
Maintenance Execution - Knowledge
Tank & Pipe Integrity - Awareness
Equipment Test & Inspection - Knowledge
Engineering Design Standards - Awareness

HSSE Control Framework Risk Management - Knowledge
Asset Management System - Knowledge
Construction and/or Maintenance Safety - Awareness

Downstream Supply Chain - Awareness

Years of Experience:
More than 5-7 years' experience in Oil/Gas, Petrochemical/Chemical or Energy Engineering (specifically in project, maintenance and/or asset integrity at execution and/or supervision level).


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