Company: Bureau Veritas
Skills: QA / QC / Inspection
Experience: 2 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Monaca, Pennsylvania, United States

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.


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Bureau Veritas is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and as such we recruit, hire, train, and promote persons in all job classifications without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, marital status, citizen status, sexual orientation, genetics, status as a protected veteran, or any other non-job-related characteristics.

This position is responsible to ensure equal opportunity in employment in that all persons are treated equally and on the basis of merit, in decisions regarding selection, placement, promotions, training, work assignments, transfers and other personnel actions.

Position: Rotating Inspector
Job Grade: JG06 - JG03
Reports to: Project QA/QC Manager / Construction manager


• Comply with Shell HSSE standards and life saving rules.
• Witness and monitor suppliers / contractors work activities, inspection and test in accordance with the approved Quality Plan, ITP, Quality Procedures and etc.
• Promote quality awareness throughout the organization, emphasizing excellence, continuous improvement and corrective action to influence the overall success of company business.
• Assist review of EPCM's Quality Plan, Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) and Quality Procedures and all pertained QA/QC documentation prior to commencement of any fabrication / construction work.
• Verify the implementation of PTW (permit to work) LOTO (lock-out and tag-out) and other safety procedures.
• Conduct quality surveillance at suppliers / contactors to promote Shell / Project's quality culture.
• Input result of inspection / observations into the web-based inspection recording system in timely manner.
• Ensure suppliers /contractors have relevant, up to date codes, standards, specifications and drawings.
• Interface with the discipline engineer, construction engineer, and inspectors in a professional manner.
• Support the Shell personnel by performing additional tasks as directed and commensurate with his/her skills.
• Approve a work Supplier / Contractor has been by attending inspection / test or reviewing documents.


• Reinforce the shell HSSE requirements to the colleges / Suppliers / Contractors.
• Oversee inspection of rotating equipment activities conducted at shops and construction sites.
• Review original material certificate for compliances to codes and specifications.
• Ensure testing, measuring equipment is fully calibrated per specification and has current certification.
• Verify that equipment is preserved per the supplier's recommendation and the approved preservation procedures.
• Verify HFE requirement (accessibility of equipment) against specification.

• Witness / Participate Rotating Equipment Receiving Inspection at construction site to identify damage or deficiency with Contractors.
• Witness in-process inspections per ITP and Inspection Requests to ensure work proceeds in accordance to specifications, the approved drawings and procedures.
• Assist mechanical inspection if required.
• Verify rogue and counterfeit items during inspection or surveillance and immediately report to Inspection Coordinator / Quality Manager if any.
• Actively participate Shell Safety meeting and walk-down program.
• Progressively review Supplier's / contractor's quality record.
• Assist Quality audit upon request.
• Actively participate Flawless Surveillance Program.
• Attend Mechanical Completion / Pre-commissioning final walk-down and sign on behalf of Client.
• Raise punch and verify punch items as soon as work is complete.
• Issue and follow up of Non-conformity Report.
• Liaise with Inspection leads and contractors to remediate quality management problems.
• Discuss quality trend with Quality Engineer / Inspection Coordinator and provide improvement plan if any.
• Provide resolution of on-going quality issue in consultation with discipline engineer.


• Requires certification(s) in the relevant inspection discipline and 2 - 4 years of experience applying the discipline skill to oil and gas equipment. (JG6).
• Requires certification(s) in the relevant inspection discipline and at least 5 - 10 years of experience applying the discipline skill to oil and gas equipment. (JG5)
• Requires certification(s) in the relevant inspection discipline and over 10 years of experience applying the discipline skill to oil and gas equipment. (JG4)
• Requires certification(s) in one of the relevant inspection discipline(s) and over 10 years of experience applying the discipline skill to oil and gas equipment. (JG3).
• Able to perform, comply, audit and make assessments of Safety Management System (Advance Safety Auditing, Behavior Safety System, JSA's, act) and have competency in safety procedures.
• Familiar with Shell DEP specifications.
• Familiar with the Flawless Project Delivery and Flawless Surveillance Program.
• Have knowledge of industrial codes and standards (API, ASME, API, and etc)
• Able to read and understand Drawings
• Understand Project Completion System and able to use it
• Able to issue and follow up Non Conformity Report
• Able to review and approve EPC's Quality Plan
• Able to develop, review and approve EPC's ITP and Quality Procedure
• Have knowledge of ISO and (or) API Q1 quality audit program and able to participate / perform / lead Quality Audit (JG 5, JG4, JG3).
• Able to provide oversight, mentorship and supervision of the inspectors (JG3)
• Able to understand the commonly used standards, codes, and industry practices within a particular discipline (JG6, JG5)
• Able to understand and interpret the commonly used standards, codes, and industry practices within a particular discipline (JG4, JG3)
• Able to interface with other disciplines at the various stages
• Able to identify MATERIALS that are sub-standard and that do not meet the requirements of the job specification (rogue and counterfeit items).
• Awareness of Shell's HFE requirement (Maintenance, Valve, Field Run and etc.).
• Able to review and interpret quality records and determine associated compliance with requirements (Performance data, test record, inspection record, MTR and other quality data and documents).
• Familiar with regulatory requirement (DOT, USCG, NMA, CSA, and etc) and classification rule (ABS, LR, DNV, BV and etc)
• Have knowledge of calibration of equipment and measuring requirements.
• Familiar with Equipment Preservation Requirements and its position in the integrated preservation process. This includes preservation and safe shipment of products/ materials. Familiar with Shell requirements for heavy lifting, road transportation and dropped objects.
• Have knowledge of the basics for planning and scheduling
• Have knowledge of basic troubleshooting.
• Have knowledge and experience with gage control, calibration and gagging requirements and techniques.
• Able to review and understand planning techniques such as material control, shop order routings, process control plans, rework and refurbishing techniques and processes.
• Able to review and interpret technical requirements in contracts/purchase orders.
• Able to understand identification and traceability related to equipment /products /materials /samples and the associated documents/records relating to conformance /non-conformance, results from manufacturing processes and results from monitoring /measurement processes.
• Able to review and interpret WPS, PQR, Welder Qualification including welding / qualification variables (essentials, non-essentials and supplementary) includes brazing.
• Have knowledge of materials testing of welds and joints (Chemical and Mechanical).
• Have knowledge of NDT techniques (RT, UT, MT, PT, PMI, FT and etc) including evaluation methods.
• Have knowledge of base metal, especially, exotic material.
• Able to review weld map, NDE report, PWHT report and etc. and its tracking mechanism.
• Able to review welder and NDE operator qualification.
• Have an understanding of the welding and joining techniques (e.g. TIG, laser, SAW, ERW, sintering, brazing, etc.).
• Knowledge of cladding and associated inspection processes (HIP, welded, mechanical bonded and metallurgically bonded).
• Familiar with pressure test requirements in Shell's specification & codes and understand of a risk on failure of pressure test and its mitigation plan.
• Familiar with tightness requirement and application of torquing and tensioning.
• Able to perform field evaluation and assessment of pressure equipment.
• Familiar with Installation requirements of various type of valves and in-line instrument.
• Familiar with electrical / instrument basic concept and its application / requirement.
• Have knowledge of a various type of alignment techniques and its application.
• Have knowledge of API seal Plan.
• Have knowledge of system cleanliness requirement and cleanliness techniques. (Water flushing, oil flushing, chemical cleaning, steam blowing, pigging and etc).
• Have knowledge of Machining, machinist practices & interpretation of dimensional data. This includes QA confirmation on critical instruments used in the fabrication of RE components (Balance machine, measuring devices, calibration of critical instruments, calibration of critical NDE Instruments, etc.)
• Have knowledge of equipment (including associated equipment manufacturing processes), assembly and disassembly techniques (rotor assembly, stationary part assembly, clearances and tolerance acceptance requirements, etc.
• Have knowledge of Equipment Installation Practices. (Specifically, this means knowledge of API Recommended Practice RP686.)
• Understanding of condition monitoring techniques (vibration diagnostics, temperature monitoring, etc) which could be used on the test stand during FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) and/or SAT (String Acceptance Testing).
• Familiar with type of insulation and its application.
• Familiar with steel/alloy making processes, hot working/forging, heat treating, in-process testing (mechanical, metallurgical), inspection (including NDE) and material test report review.
• Familiar with mechanical testing (e.g. tensile, hardness, impact, CTOD) and metallurgical testing (e.g. grain size, microstructure, macrostructure and chemical analysis) in accordance with ASTM, ISO and/or API standards.
• Familiar with corrosion testing to NACE, API and ISO requirements.
• Able to discern between different grades, metallics (steel-types and alloys) and non-metallic materials.
• Familiar with manufacturing of non-metallics, testing, inspection and material test report review. Such as polymers, elastomers, ceramics and sintered materials.
• Understanding of pickling and passivation processes.
• Must be organized and able to multi-task.
• Self disciplined and self motivated.
• Strong interpersonal skills and is able to work well with people at all levels of the Project / Site construction organization
• Strong trouble shooting and analytical skills
• Experience with or willing to learn fact-based decision making and root cause analysis, evaluation of supplier corrective and preventative actions and determination if these actions were effective.
• Should be able to use computer and programs (email, word processing and spreadsheets as a minimum) for general business applications.
• Should be familiar with use of computer and programs for general business applications.
• Written and oral communication skills with both individuals and groups.
• Read, write (inspection report, technical report) and speak fluent English
• Exhibit a courteous and professional attitude towards Shell Project Group and vendors / contractors showing enthusiasm and dedication.
• Practice a conscientious teamwork effort towards the functions of the company.
• Experience working in difficult locations and with diverse construction personnel (remote, foreign, arctic, etc.).
• Flexible work hours with weekend work required.
• Willing to travel occasionally both in and out of town if required.
• Have a minimum Visual Acuity Corrected to 20/40

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