Company: ENI
Skills: Geoscientist
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Milan, Lombardy, Italy
No location/work authorization restrictions found.

We are currently recruiting an Explorationist to join Eni S.p.A. The role will mainly entail defining the regional geological framework of the sedimentary basins through the synthesis and integration of the geological and geophysical information and data.


The Key responsibilities are:

• To identify, elaborate and model the geological components that characterize the process of hydrocarbon generation and accumulation integrating various specialized studies

• To represent the distribution of the geological features through the realization of geological maps and sections

• Identification and characterization of the exploration plays for their selection and technical ranking

• By means of scouting and monitoring activities, consolidate the exploration knowledge with the aim of supporting the process of exploration opportunities' generation and selection

• To conduct the integrated interpretation of the seismic data, starting from a regional context up to the prospect/target scale with the aim of identifying and characterizing structural and/or stratigraphic traps

• To integrate the geological evaluation of the seismic data with the information deriving from the analysis of the main seismic attributes

• To integrate the seismic/geological model with non-seismic geophysical data

• To elaborate the objectives of geophysical data acquisition to recommend the execution of specialized studies

• Support the established specialized services in the related planning and evaluate the results obtained both during the intermediate as well as in the final phases



• DRILLING & COMPLETION (Drilling Activities)

• EXPLORATION (Basin Assessment & Screening; Geological data Integr. Interpret.; Geophysical data Interpretation; Prospect Generation & Eval.)

• GEOLOGY (Basin Geology; Experimental Petrophysicist; Geochemistry; Petrography; Petrophysics; Res. Characterisation; Rock Mechanics; Sedimentology; Stratigraphy; Structural Geology; Well Data Acquisition & Eval.)

• GEOPHYSICS (AVT & Geophysical Interpretation; Cartography, Topogr. & Geodesy; Depth Imaging; Seismic Stratigraphy & Reservoir Seismic; Velocity studies)

• GLOBAL (Data Management; E&P Business Management; Economics Evaluation; Organisation Processes; R&D; Reserves; Risk Analysis & Management; Tender & Contracting; Workflow & Best practice)

• HSEQR (Integrated HSE Processes; Safety)

• PROJECT MANAGEMENT (General Project Management)

• RESERVOIR (Reservoir Modeling, Well Operations and Production Optimization)


Other Requirements:

• Degree qualified in a relevant discipline
• Knowledge & Know-how
• Teamwork