Company: Cammach Bryant Limited
Skills: Maintenance Technician
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Westhill, Scotland, United Kingdom

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: United Kingdom

Our client is looking for a Maintenance Technician - Mechanical for a permanent position, located in Westhill.


  • Ensure equipment is delivered on-time and according to operational demands.
  • Improve the reliability of PL equipment assets.
  • Increase the utilization and efficiency of assets.
  • Reduce the COSD within the MB network.


  • Ensure assigned equipment is maintained according to the pertinent maintenance
  • program [compliant with RCM strategy] through PL CMMS and SW adherence.
  • Adhere to transactional discipline within maintenance business systems to record
  • M&S, labor costs, and equipment maintenance performance history (movements,
  • WOs, parts used, and time to maintain).
  • Comply with TLM standards.
  • Participate in the CI Lean culture, initiatives, and remedial work plans within the MB
  • to improve asset utilization and COSD.
  • Participate in CI efforts to improve asset TAT, which includes reducing downtime
  • due to maintenance, parts/RAN, failure, and/or work-in-process.
  • Participate in CI efforts to improve the efficiency and productivity of Maintenance
  • Implement COSD projects, such as the planned repair and reuse of parts.
  • Participate in failure investigations when relevant.
  • Follow a fixed-step training program to ensure job training is current.
  • Follow TLM Competency Management System to ensure the job proficiency level
  • matches the requirements for assigned activities.
  • Note: Please consider the following clarifications for job titles:
  • Mechanic - Performs work on surface equipment (industrial OEM mechanical
    equipment, e.g. trucks, units etc.)
  • Mechanical Technician - Performs work on downhole tools
  • WHE Service Technician - Performs work on well head equipment (WHE)


The role of the Maintenance Technician is to:

  • Ensure on-time delivery of equipment as per operational demands.
  • Improve the equipment reliability of the Product Line's assets within his/her location
  • Improve efficiency & Increase asset utilization within his/her location
  • Reduce CoSD at the location
  • Relationships:
  • Reports directly to the Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Essential Responsibilities and Duties:
  • The Maintenance Supervisor must/is:
  • Ensure all assigned equipment is continually maintained at the highest standards, resulting in proper functionality and minimum failures.
  • Responsible to improve asset availability by reducing the asset turnaround time through reduction of asset waiting for maintenance, Down for Parts/RAN, Down for Failure and Work-in-Process.
  • Execute Maintenance Strategy (compliant to RCM strategy) through CMMS & SW adherence.
  • Comply to TLM standards
  • Responsible to support Continuous Improvement culture, initiatives & execute RWP within his/ her location.
  • Responsible to implement reliability practices.
  • Utilize maintenance business systems to reach full cost, time and equipment traceability for maintenance performance (movements, work orders, parts used and time to maintain).
  • When relevant participate to failure investigations.
  • Follow fixed-step training program and ensure his/her training is on schedule and accurately recorded.


  • Previous Experience and Competencies
  • Technical expertise