Company: Saudi Geophysical Consulting
Skills: Supply Chain Management
Experience: 7 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Aramco is one of the world's largest fully integrated energy enterprises. Saudi Aramco not only looks for individuals who can meet expectations but for those individuals who can exceed them. The professional rewards at Saudi Aramco are in work environment, the lifestyle and benefits. The unconventional business line is actively seeking a top Supply Chain Analyst to join their world-class team.


Job Description

  1. The business process manager is responsible for improving corporate performance. He/she does this by optimizing and managing the performance of Unconventional Resources (UR) organization business processes. The job entails making UR more efficient and effective and improves on its capability to change as the business environment changes.
  2. The role of a business process manager involves controlling, monitoring, measuring, executing, designing, and evaluating business processes. He/she Ensures that the outcomes derivable from a business process are in line with the strategic goal of UR. Also, involved in improving business processes in practically all the departments that constitute UR, Responsible for overseeing the completion of business processes right from the start. Expected to bring about innovation into business processes with the aim of positively impacting the results obtainable from the business process. As a result, cost reduction/profit-making are highly enhanced. Also, Improves the overall ability of UR to achieve its business goals and objectives.
  3. Fully involved in the thinking process of UR business. Expected to draw a number of inferences from the processes involved in UR business and use such inferences to the advantage of UR business.
  4. The duties of the business process manager include gathering a huge number of data together within the process framework of UR and applying such data towards the success of UR.
  5. Involved in various UR projects and is required to team up with other members of staff of UR organization from various departments towards achieving the desired business goals of UR organization.
  6. Design new processes for the organization and contribute towards solving process-related challenges that UR organization may encounter.
  7. Map out, model, and simulate any existing process in UR and design new ones towards improving business processes.
  8. Analyzing information, collecting data, researching processes, and holding meetings.
  9. Many organizations today lack the right business process that can enable easy achievement of set goals; it is, therefore, part of the duties of the business process manager to properly analyze the constituents of business processes and all activities revolving around it towards setting the UR business on the right footing.
  10. The BP Manager is expected to react very fast to any rapid change in Saudi Aramco or market condition towards improving UR business processes.
  11. Eliminate defects and waste in UR business processes and ensure top quality service delivery.
  12. Expected to achieve and maintain a high level of business process performance.


Qualification & Experience

Bachelor's Degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering (I&SE), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Business, Operations Management, Engineering, Computer Science, MIS or closely related Degrees.

MS in I&SE, MBA or graduate-level degree in Supply Chain Management, Engineering, Project Management, or Operations Research are desirable.

Certifications: Holds BPM certification. Certifications in "Six Sigma Black Belt", "Lean sensei", Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, or Master Black Belt is preferred.

Seven (7) years BPM experience in Petrochemical Operating Company, Supply chain, Manufacturing, or service providers.

Strong communication and analytical skills. Proven experience in business process simulation, benchmarking, and optimization. Proven ability in facilitating business processes and monitoring other members of staff towards attaining business goals. Track record in developing change management techniques in an organization, and building on the vision of organizations.