Company: North Oil Company
Skills: Facilities Management, Secretarial or Administrative
Experience: 6 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Doha, Doha, Qatar

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: Qatar

This is a permanent and residential position based in the NOC Head Office in Doha.


Scope of Work


Head of Support Services responsible for organizes, manage , plan, develop, control, budget and ensures the safe and efficient smooth running of the GS support services for all NOC stakeholders , Support services are:

Land Transport and parking management section:

  • Land Transport, which include Shuttle services for Sheraton parking to Towers and between Towers, Limousine plus pool car services & Delivery/Collection services.
  • Parking Management includes allocation and management of the parking services.

Travel and accommodation Section :

  • Travel (including airline tickets booking, Hotel booking, rental transport booking, visa assistance, travel health insurance issuing & travel & destination planning).
  • Accommodation, for onshore employees .
  • Archive, office supply , Mail /Post and Printing :
  • Mail services; include internal & external mailing for document and light items.
  • Printing & Photocopying services, for large scale , business cards , name plates, etc..
  • Archive; for internal GS correspondence
  • Office supply: stationery items, company stamps, papers, office gadgets, etc.

Food & beverage and Hospitality section :

  • Catering, which include supervision of catering services on the canteen and the kitchen area, and operation, etc.
  • Pantry Consumables includes provision of water, grocery items, and any other food and beverage requirements identified by the business.
  • Supervision of tea boys ; supervise the day to day operation and needs .

The job holder also liaises with local administration and service companies as required to support the day to day services.

HSE aspects

Assess & implement all Safety and security recommendation and requirements in accordance with code of conduct, in order to ensure that the support services is operating in an safe and secure environment, include:

  • Identify & perform safety & security recommendation ,as per the standers
  • Participate on guideline creation
  • Manage of implementation
  • Manage the synergy correction
  • Manage and supervise emergency respond in case of incident
  • Manage and supervise annual audits

Main activities carried out :

  • Lead the GS support services between the NOC and venders.
  • Create, implement and manage all the policies, process, standers, guideline and procedures for the section.
  • lead support services projects and programs during the year (short and long term projects).
  • Build and liaise relationship with other organizations & government entities.
  • Consult and negotiate with venders (Contracts pre-warding, technical awarding, operations, mobilizing, de-mobilizing, amendments, etc.)
  • Represent NOC on support services at local, regional meetings
  • lead contracts and contractors (Contracts Management)
  • Respond to and manage crisis and/or emergency situations
  • Prepare and lead the implementation of (Short & Long Term) strategic and operational plans
  • lead the day to day operations and ensure that filing systems are maintained and comply with the company priorities.
  • Adapts departmental plans and priorities to address resource and operational challenges
  • Handling tendering process and procedures (Crating scope of work, prepare technical evaluation, etc.)
  • lead and manage outsourcing services/companies
  • Manage internal auditing and quality controls
  • Manage assets/leased services flow between NOC, venders and employees.
  • lead the maintenance management program for lease assets.
  • Manage the controls and standards concerning maintenance and repairs

Financial activities carried out :

  • Provide required financial information
  • Prepare budget requirements for projects, services operation, etc.
  • Manage accounts and reserve funds
  • Establish and manage internal financial controls
  • Manage the accounts payables and receivables (PO, Invoices, etc.)
  • Analyse financial reports and conduct financial cost saving actions
  • Assist with completion of audits and follow up on Auditor's recommendations

Stockholders activities carried out :

  • Identify operational requirements and ensure required measures are taken
  • Manage the liaise with employees/users regarding issues and concerns
  • Manage the respond to employees/user needs
  • Enforce employees/users responsibility, policies and guidelines.
  • Act as an advisor to the GS Head, Management team & other dep, in matters related to support services
  • Make recommendations and assist in draft policies/standers/guideline and motions to services related to GS.

Leadership activities carried out :

  • Initiate & conduct the requirement for hiring new staff
  • Initiate & conduct the requirement for terminating current staff
  • Formulate the internal organisation chart for Land transport and Travel.
  • conduct the internal staff procedures (Reward and disciplinarian), when needed.
  • Review and develop section & staff objectives & Targets
  • Review and adjust staff job descriptions
  • Review and adjust staff PDP (Personal Development Programs)
  • Contribute to Qatarization plan and talented programs
  • Coaching and mentoring internship programs and temporary assigns candidates.
  • Coach and counsel employees
  • Conduct employee evaluations, performance review & performance enhancement plan.
  • Assess training needs and facilitate training opportunities
  • Implement corrective action when necessary
  • Manage L&T employee's relations (Holidays, sickness, unpaid leave, etc.)

Others activities carried out :

  • Assist in GS establishment & participate in general department policy, process & procedures.
  • Stand-up for the GS Manager in case of absent/leave.
  • Stand-up for colleagues in GS, with the same level/responsibility, in case of absent/leave.

Profile required:

  • Knowledge of local laws , team leadership and management skills, financial management skills
  • Supervisory and human resource management skills, contract management skills, strategic planning skills
  • Analytical and problem solving skills, decision making skills, negotiations skills, computer skills
  • Effective written communications skills including the ability to prepare reports, policies and motions
  • Effective verbal and listening communications skills, stress management skills
  • Time management skills, Excellent communication skills
  • Project Management certification or equivalent certification
  • Previous team management


  • Bachelor Degree in business administration or related field
  • Number of years of relevant experience
  • 6-8 years