Featured Employer:Arteak

Arteak is an international company with expertise in HSSE consulting and specialized in operational services.

Our headquarters are in London, UK and we are currently providing our services in 21 countries worldwide.  Since 2011 we have been delivering innovative services and projects for the oil and gas, construction, shipbuilding, energy, transport, chemical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications industries and plant maintenance.


Arteak provides a global, complete and independent vision on HSSE management systems, as well as an in-depth vertical analysis, this allows us to detect the gaps in the processes, assets, competency and culture of an organisation.


Designing tailored solutions and services We have a proven track record of achieving solid and measurable results, being able to demonstrate the improvement of company performances and the protection of people, assets and the environment.


Our expert teams effectively combine theoretical knowledge with operational background, resulting in the design of innovative and cost-effective solutions for the safe and timely delivery of our clients’ projects.


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