Zentech Introduces the Z-210 Liftboat

The Z-210 is the latest Zentech design, self-propelled, self-elevating, DP-2 (dynamically positioned) Liftboat designed for 280’ water depth, 55 C° rating, cutting edge technology for well interventions.

The legs were designed with a unique innovative Zentech concept, resulting in the moment carrying capacity of this rig being more than twice SNAME recommendations. The Z-210 offers lower construction costs, lower wear and sustaining capex, enhanced Safety during operations and can move onto location in up to 12 ft. waves.

With three cranes (1 x 220 MT and 2 x 70 MT), the Z-210 is uniquely designed for well interventions, with the large crane always available for well intervention. The Z-210 also has a highest in class 30% more deck space and 25% higher fluid volumes than the nearest comparable vessel. The unit is ergonomically designed with accommodation capacity for 150 in single and two-man rooms, a safe aluminum helideck, and a built-in autonomy of 21 days.

The Z-210 is designed to have a significant impact on well intervention in 5 key areas:

  • HSE:  The Z-210’s unique leg design allows the vessel to see lower wave forces and have a greater overturning moment resistance, making it one of the safest vessels for offshore intervention operations. The hollow aluminum helideck with built in fuel discharge capability enhances safety during crew transfers, and the zero-discharge capability and the separation of hazardous and nonhazardous wastes allows for environmentally friendly operations. The DP-2 capability ensures a safe platform approach, while the self-propelled capability assures a swift move-off location during inclement weather.
  • Construction cost and efficiency: The lightweight design, which enables the building of the spud cans separately, allows for simultaneous construction of critical components.
  • Well intervention time savings. As previously noted, the ability to move onto location and work in much higher sea states (up to 12’ waves) dramatically cuts down on the hours lost while waiting on weather, and having three cranes ensures that the well intervention crane is ALWAYS available.
  • Well intervention costs: This is where the Z-210 has the greatest impact. The aforementioned reduction in waiting on weather time results in a lower overall operating budget. The 21-day autonomy reduces the need for weekly supply vessels, and the 200 MT crane eliminates the cost of additional crane barges, further reducing the overall capex and maintenance costs. The large deck space and high VDL (1500 MT) gets rid of the need for equipment barges.
  • Geographic versatility: The Z-210 is the only design in the world that can cater to four completely different geographic regions; the Far East (water depth rating of 280 ft ), the Middle East ( 55 deg C rating), the Southern North Sea (higher sea states) and the Caspian Sea (since it can be innovatively transported in pieces and reassembled).

This unique design was recognized in 2016 by the OJME as a Best Technology Innovation.


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