Trump Signs Fracking Memo

Trump Signs Fracking Memo
President Donald Trump signed a symbolic memo in support of the fracking sector during a four-rally swing through Pennsylvania.

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump signed a symbolic memo in support of the fracking sector during a four-rally swing through Pennsylvania, a crucial battleground in Tuesday’s election.

The president issued the memorandum on Saturday, ordering his government to study the effects of “prohibiting, or sharply restricting, the use of hydraulic fracturing and other technologies,” and the national security impact of doing so.

Trump sees full-throated support for fracking as a crucial element in Pennsylvania, where he’s trailing Joe Biden and which would likely clinch the presidency for the Democrat, should he win it.

Biden’s platform is an “economic death sentence for Pennsylvania,” Trump said on Saturday -- repeating an inaccurate claim that Biden plans to ban hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

The Democrat has said will transition away from fossil fuels, and his campaign is pledging ban new oil and gas permits on public lands and waters.

.@JoeBiden will not ban fracking. That is a fact.

— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) October 8, 2020

Trump signed his order while flying between his second and third rallies of the day. He immediately touted it on Twitter, and exaggerated its impact.

“Moments ago, I signed an order to protect Pennsylvania fracking and block any effort to undermine energy production in your state,” he said. The memorandum doesn’t block anything and instead orders a series of studies.

The American Petroleum Institute welcomed the action in a statement released shortly after the order was released.

“Both Democrats and Republicans recognize the importance of this innovative technology, which supports millions of jobs across the country,” said API President Mike Sommers.

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R Speir  |  November 06, 2020
Your comments about what Biden said regarding fracking in Pennsylvania are correct. I watched the debate--he, typically, got his tongue and brain out of sync and immediately corrected himself. Clarifying statements were immediately issued. As for Trump's "memo," you are again exactly right--all it promises are studies; he did not promise, for example, legislation that would protect fracking projects from environmental and permitting restraints, or anything else that might help an industry that is financially hurting. The studies it promises are a typical Washington ploy. P.S. I have subscribed to your newsletter for 20 years; keep up the good work.
Bing  |  November 06, 2020
Its sad everyone, but rigzone is bloomberg is left is progressive is anti free commerce is amazingly anti fossil fuels. What a joke. Why do we keep clicking their blather? Rant over
Taylor Childers  |  November 06, 2020
Welp...cya rigzone. Morons.
Keith Grayson  |  November 06, 2020
I m ashamed ,Trump made me proud ,I've not felt since Reagen. Without Trump the level of internal subversion would never been known. We don't deserve Trump, every empire falls eventually, even ours.
Caronski  |  November 02, 2020
Lol you guys will support the dems to the death in your reporting. Biden had used the exact words he would ban fracking and then he backtracked by saying only on public lands.Irregardless of the terminology, whether it is fracking, horizontal drilling or pipelines, off shire drilling, shale, oil sands .. the global progressive wish to push their special interest industries “ renewables” ( even though hydrocarbons are renewed as well) so that they can centralize, nationalize and control our countries energy control the energy along with food and water, you control the people.
Gasrat  |  November 02, 2020
How can you blatantly lie about what Biden and Harris said. It is on tape that they will ban fracing. He is on video stating so. Now he wants to transition out of fossil fuels. It is the same thing. WTF up America.