Boris Johnson Predicts ‘Extremely Tough’ COP 26 Talks

Boris Johnson Predicts ‘Extremely Tough’ COP 26 Talks
Boris Johnson said the COP 26 talks will be “extremely tough” as he made a last-ditch call on world leaders to take concrete steps to protect the planet.

The difficulties aren’t unique to this round of talks. The annual UN negotiations are often fraught, with talks running overtime almost every year -- sometimes by more than a day. The U.K. has defined the goals of the summit this year as “coal, cars, cash and trees.”

“We want the world to move away from coal by 2040 -- 2030 for the developed nations; we want to make sure everybody stops using hydrocarbon-fueled internal combustion engine cars,” Johnson said.

He also said the U.K. needed to see rich countries step up and mobilize $100 billion a year “for countries that haven’t been historic emitters to cut their carbon” and also underlined the goal of planting “millions and millions of trees to fix the carbon and restore the balance of nature.”


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