Will the US Ever Become Part of OPEC+?

Will the US Ever Become Part of OPEC+?
Experts weigh in on whether the United States will ever join the OPEC+ group.

Never say never.

That’s what Muktadir Ur Rahman, director of Apex Consulting Ltd, told Rigzone when asked if the United States would ever become part of the OPEC+ group.

The director added, however, that it’s hard to see the United States becoming part of the group “even in the next ten years or so”. Looking at reasons why, Rahman outlined a legislative obstacle.

“Being part of the OPEC+ would mean becoming part of a cartel that manipulates price through coordinated changes in production,” Rahman said.

“This, in turn, would mean that the price of oil … would be higher than what it would have been in the absence of any coordinated production adjustment. Since consumers would end up paying a higher price, such action by the United States would violate its anti-trust law,” he added.

Another hurdle that Rahman highlighted was an operational one.

“Most of the OPEC+ groups have state-backed national oil companies that play a key role in producing oil in these countries,” Rahman stated.

“The United States, on the other hand, has no such national oil company. Instead, it has a vast array of individual oil companies, ranging from small independents to supermajors,” he added.

“All of these companies will have a strong incentive to cheat with regards to any production cut agreement, as it will substantially increase their revenue and market share,” Rahman continued.

The Apex Consulting representative also drew attention to a philosophical obstacle.

“The United States is generally known for adopting a free market philosophy and this philosophy has helped it to become the global economic superpower that it is today,” Rahman told Rigzone.

“Joining the OPEC+ goes against this general free-market philosophy that is deeply ingrained in its national psyche. That’s why we do not think that the United States is likely to join the OPEC+ group anytime soon,” he added.

The US Will Never be Part of OPEC+

When asked for his opinion on whether or not the United States would ever become part of the group, Jamie Webster, a senior director at Boston Consulting Group, told Rigzone the country “will never be part of OPEC+”.

“While they will be continually interested in what the organization is doing and how those decisions could affect oil prices, the United States won’t join,” Webster stated.


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