Vessels Struck by Missiles South of Ukrainian Port

Vessels Struck by Missiles South of Ukrainian Port
Dryad Global said a number of vessels have been struck by missiles.

Since the outbreak of hostilities, a number of vessels have been struck by missiles within waters south of the Ukrainian port of Odessa.

That’s what Dryad Global noted in its latest Triton Scout Maritime Security Threat Assessment, which was updated on February 28.

“On 24 February 2022, Russian forces commenced operations within Ukraine which included blocking inward access to the Sea of Azov. All commercial operations at Ukrainian Sea Ports have since been suspended,” Dryad Global stated in the report.

“Dryad Global advises all commercial operators avoid any transit or operations within the EEZ of Ukraine and Russia south of the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea. Commercial operations in the EEZ of Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania are unaffected at this time,” the report added.

“The primary risk to vessels beyond the key risk area is the high degree of uncertainty regarding freedom of navigation in the Black Sea rather than a risk to safety of crew. It is not believed Russia holds any intent to target foreign or civilian vessels outside of the key risk areas,” Dryad Global continued in the report.

On February 25, Dryad Global said reporting indicated that the Ukrainian Sea Ports authority had reported two incidents involving vessels targeted approximately 23nm ESE Odessa. Dryad Global highlighted that the incidents followed reports of an attack on February 24 involving the Marshall Islands flagged merchant vessel Yasa Jupiter, which Dryad Global said was understood to have been struck by a Russian missile about 50nm South of Odessa.

On February 24, Dryad Global noted that reporting had emerged regarding the targeting of several commercial vessels offshore Ukraine.

Dryad Global describes itself as an expert in maritime global risk intelligence. The company provides risk advisory and decision tools for charterers, owners, operators, corporations, security providers and private yachts.

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