Thousands To Protest UK Government Sanctioning Jackdaw Field

Thousands To Protest UK Government Sanctioning Jackdaw Field
From August 20 to August 27, 'thousands of people across the UK' will protest the recently green-lit Jackdaw project and all new oil and gas fields.

From August 20 to August 27, ‘thousands of people across the UK’ will protest the recently green-lit Jackdaw project and all new oil and gas fields.

The UK approved the Jackdaw gas field on June 1. The project is expected to come online in the mid-2020s, and at peak production rates, could represent over 6 percent of projected UK North Sea gas production in the middle of this decade, with operational emissions of less than 1 percent of the whole UK basin. That is enough energy to heat 1.4 million homes.

The #StopCambo movement, named after the protests against Shell’s Cambo oilfield project, said on its website that the decision of the UK government to approve Jackdaw on June 1 was placing ‘the narrow interests of Shell and its shareholders over the public good.’

The #StopCambo campaign is made up of individuals, grassroots groups, and organizations across Scotland, the rest of the UK, and the world who are dedicated to ending all new oil and gas extraction and bringing existing production within safe climate limits.

“We won't let that stand. We’re going to pressure the UK government to reverse their decision on Jackdaw and use every tool we can to delay and eventually stop this field. Jackdaw is the largest gas field to be approved since the IEA said we can't have any more new fossil fuel projects if we want to stay within safe climate limits. Jackdaw's gas won't lower energy bills but burning it would create the same amount of pollution as half of Scotland’s, or more than all of Ghana’s annual emissions,” the activists said.

Cambo and Jackdaw are not the only targets for the activists as the UK wants to approve dozens of new fossil fuel projects by the year 2025 and is set to launch another licensing round for new oil and gas exploration this fall.

It is worth noting that Jackdaw is just a part of Shell’s broader intent to invest $20 to $25 billion in the UK energy system in the next decade, 75 percent of which will go to the development of low and zero-carbon products and services.

Aside from this project, Shell intends to build two new floating offshore wind farms around the Scottish coast, which could power six million homes, along with a target of having 100,000 public EV charge points operational in the UK by 2030.

“Starting on August 20, we're taking the fight back to the Government, to Shell, and to every oil and gas producer who thinks that they can burn our future and get away with it. We will not let them go ahead with Jackdaw, and we will continue to build a coalition strong enough to force the government to commit to no new fossil fuels and a just transition for all.”

“We've stopped Shell once already. Last year it pulled out of the huge Cambo oil field in the North Sea because of our actions. We can do it again,” the #StopCambo movement said.

The activists claimed that they would pressure as many MP and MSPs as possible to commit to doing everything that they can to stop Jackdaw and all new fossil fuels – from asking for a meeting with them, pushing for a response on Twitter, challenging them publicly, etc.

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