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New API Program Provides Opportunities to Join Natural Gas and Oil Industry

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Sunday May 01, 2022

New API Program Provides Opportunities to Join Natural Gas and Oil Industry

The American Petroleum Institute and industry partners have launched a job readiness program to bring diverse talent into entry-level positions in the natural gas and oil sector. Developing and disseminating training programs for the industry’s workforce is core to API, which is well suited to help prepare the next generation of talent entering the industry.

SkillsReady provides qualified and accepted candidates free admission to a four-month course that provides high school graduates, and GED holders, with a comprehensive background to join any segment of the natural gas and oil industry.

The program is designed to expand the talent pipeline by offering baseline industry knowledge and skills-based education to potential candidates who may not have access to existing programs. Upon completion of the course, graduates will obtain a certificate demonstrating their knowledge of industry operations, giving them an opportunity to apply for entry-level positions.

SkillsReady was designed and is supported by several leading energy companies including Chevron, ExxonMobil, Hess, Fluor Corporation, and Parker Wellbore.

“API and the American natural gas and oil industry are committed to attracting and retaining the best and brightest minds from every corner of America,” API Chief Operating Officer Amanda Eversole said.

“SkillsReady was created for diverse communities who might not be aware of the opportunities available within the natural gas and oil industry and will help prepare candidates for rewarding careers in major natural gas and oil organizations,” Eversole added.

As part of the course, leading experts in energy operations will provide e-learning modules and in-person lectures at San Jacinto Community College, Pasadena, Texas, over 16 weeks. The curriculum includes an overview of the natural gas and oil supply chain, inclusive of hydrocarbon basics, segment operations, and an understanding of basic facility operations. It also covers safety procedures and concepts, critical equipment utilized at facilities, and general operational processes that are applicable to all industry segments. Following course completion, participants will take an API administered exam to assess their skills and learned competencies.

API plans to expand the SkillsReady program to additional locations, providing further opportunities for future workers and developing talent for the industry.

There are limited seats available for the first SkillsReady class, which is set to start on August 22, 2022. Interested students should apply by June 15, 2022, to join the program. Further information can be found here or by contacting training@api.org.