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API Instructor Led Training Goes Virtual

Friday October 15, 2021

API Instructor Led Training Goes Virtual

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has started offering its largest training program - Q1 and Q2 instructor led courses - virtually over the last year, in addition to in-person.

Supporting its landmark certification program, Monogram/APIQR, API’s Q1 and Q2 training goes beyond the understanding of quality management system (QMS) requirements and assists participants in applying knowledge to their own company’s quality management plans. Courses work through a number of scenarios, group activities and real-life experiences from instructors, leaving participants with a deeper knowledge of the philosophy and importance of quality management systems and ideas on how to improve their own QMS plans and practices.

API currently has 45 approved training providers throughout the globe, with each trainer required to demonstrate a strong background and expertise in consulting, auditing and training on the requirements of API Spec Q1 and API Spec Q2 for their application to be considered. Instructors then go through an extensive Train-the-Trainer process.

Course Detail

Using practical examples and hands-on application, the courses are designed to progressively give participants introductory to advanced knowledge of Q1’s and Q2’s requirements and interpretations, including the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Following each course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of API Spec Q1 and Q2 to the natural gas and oil industry
  • Understand the legal requirements associated with Q1 and Q2
  • Identify quality management system requirements
  • Apply planning requirements for product realization (5.1 – 5.3)
  • Understand design and development within quality management systems
  • Analyze and create contingency plans
  • Identify quality management systems monitoring, measurement, analysis and improvement

API’s Q1 training is intended for API monogram licensees and applicants, quality system auditors, quality assurance personnel and management representatives, manufacturers of oilfield equipment, personnel involved in supplier evaluation activities and oil company personnel involved with specifying equipment requirements.

Q2 training is intended for applicants of APIQR Q2 registration, quality system auditors, quality assurance personnel and management representatives, well-site service providers, personnel involved in supplier evaluation activities and oil company personnel involved with specifying equipment requirements.

Both the Q1 and Q2 training have a duration of four days for practitioner level and 2.5 days for fundamental level. Courses are available in a variety of languages through API’s global providers.

The Most Accurate and Effective Training on the Market

“Since API Spec Q1 and API Spec Q2, along with the Monogram and APIQR programs that support these standards, come from API, it only makes sense that training created by and endorsed by API would be the most accurate and effective training on the market,” Sean Thomas, senior manager of API’s Training Programs said. 

“Our providers get access to API resources, experts and support on a regular basis and are kept up to date on changes to these standards as new editions are released. Participants are awarded API course completion certificates and our courses are approved as a pre-requisite for those who may be applying for API’s Certified Auditor Professional program,” Thomas added.

“Additionally, API is accredited by the International Accreditors of Continuing Education and Training (IACET), the highest accreditation that a training program can receive. Our participants receive internationally recognized Continuing Education Units (CEUs) along with their API Certificate of Completion,” Thomas continued.

Commenting on API’s Q1/Q2 program, one previous course attendee said that the training was excellent and that they gained knowledge that will be helpful to improve their career.

“The API-U trainer did a great job sharing his knowledge and experience to all of us,” the attendee went on to say, adding that the training was very interactive and valuable.

Another previous attendee said the API-U Trainer demonstrated great effort and commitment to make participants understand all the requirements.

“It was also very helpful to learn from all the participants,” the participant continued.

Participants can enroll for courses by going to the API’s online course calendar here, finding their preferred course session by provider and/or location and selecting the register button.