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Wood Providing Careers, Not Just Projects

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Friday October 01, 2021

Wood Providing Careers, Not Just Projects

Wood’s internal redeployment program is supporting the company’s objective of providing workers with a career, not just a project.

Launched in late 2019, the program was designed by a team of HR, recruitment and operational team members to create an opportunity for project-based employees to move throughout the organization based on their skill set, qualifications, interests and preferences, rather than releasing talented employees at the end of a project assignment. 

Once a reduction-in-force is identified on a project, eligible employees are asked if they would like to participate in the redeployment program. If they consent, their information is sent to Wood’s in-house resourcing team to review all current and upcoming vacancies within its applicant tracking system to see if there is a potential match within 30 days from anticipated project completion. If a match is identified, the assigned recruiter will reach out to the employee to discuss the new opportunity, as well as any terms and conditions. If the employee accepts, an offer is extended for the new project, if an employee declines, the team will continue to review possible opportunities within the allotted time frame.

While on the redeployment program, employees retain their health and welfare benefits, similar to a leave of absence, eliminating the concern for continued coverage while in-between assignments. The development and retention of a trained and competent workforce is not only an employee and Wood benefit, but also a plus for Wood’s clients as they vet contractors for current and future work. The program provides savings on recruitment, onboarding and training costs and has led to a reduction of SSE safety incidents, as well as increased productivity rates.

“Redeploying our workforce from project to project provides the consistency and predictability of execution that our clients require on some of the most demanding projects in the world,” said Brett Kummer, Wood Vice President of Resourcing (West). “From an employee perspective, the ability to be cross-trained on different types of projects promotes continuous learning and skills accrual while affording career stability through continuity of work,” he added.

Award Winning Leader

Wood’s redeployment program is managed by Wood Redeployment Lead Kesha Broughton, who was recently awarded the global excellent financial performance prize through the company’s Inspire Awards for her work on the program. Wood’s Inspire Awards are an annual event where colleagues across the company’s offices are celebrated globally. The awards highlight the positive impact Wood’s people have on its business and the wider world and encourage a workplace where amazing achievements are recognized.

Under Broughton, Wood’s redeployment program has placed more than 1,100 employees over the last 24 months. The majority of these workers are in the trade and craft sectors and include professions such as welders, instrument technicians, equipment operators, offshore operators, helpers, electricians, laborers and HSE professionals. Projects include onshore oil and gas construction, wind farms, solar farms, outages and offshore platforms.

“I think it’s great,” said Bill Jones, Wood Senior Commissioning and Warranty Manager, when commenting on the redeployment process.

“The fact that I can keep my same personnel for each job site is a life saver when you look at the amount of retraining that doesn’t have to happen at each site. It also makes the guys more relaxed and less worrisome about the end of the project coming,” he added.