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COVIDSecure Brings Alaska Innovation to the Global Oil and Gas Industry

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Thursday July 15, 2021

COVIDSecure Brings Alaska Innovation to the Global Oil and Gas Industry

With the lowest population density in the United States, the state of Alaska is known for its vast distances between cities, villages, and regions. Many would view the state’s remoteness as an obstacle to fulfilling the unique healthcare needs of oil and gas companies and other occupational medicine clients, but Dennis Spencer and his colleagues at Capstone Clinic saw an opportunity amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Introducing COVIDSecure, an app developed by medical professionals that delivers on all three critical phases of COVID-19 prevention: screening, testing, and vaccine management. Moreover, the benefits of this Alaska-developed innovation are available to occupational medicine providers in oil and gas, mining, transportation, government, and other sectors across the U.S. and internationally.

“The pandemic has brought about a change in almost all aspects of life, particularly how we conduct business,” said Spencer, Capstone and COVIDSecure’s CEO. “We believe COVIDSecure has developed the industry’s most reliable, secure, and platform-agnostic health check app to ensure comprehensive viral mitigation and management. Company managers will be particularly intrigued by the app’s usefulness in keeping staff operational.”

COVIDSecure is designed to operate at scale with simplicity and speed. It provides user-friendly support for all aspects of COVID-19 response. The technology’s processes are designed to be accomplished in about one minute or less. Moreover, COVIDSecure’s agile and adaptable interface offers companies white-label capability.

“The platform is compatible with any laboratory, test modality, and vaccination,” said Spencer. “COVIDSecure is available across multiple devices like iOS and Android and is web- and mobile-friendly. The application’s unique red light/green light clearance indicators and personal QR codes offer instant patient data accessibility. Another benefit is the app can effectively integrate large volumes of data sets, producing easily viewed and actionable information in user-friendly dashboards updated in real-time along with a fully integrated logbook for team tracking. So, the larger your company and employee numbers, the more critical the need for our COVID technology.”

A product of ‘dynamic adaptation’

Like countless other organizations responding to the pandemic, Capstone exhibited “dynamic adaptation” in 2020 and COVIDSecure is a result of the company’s rapid course-correction, pointed out Spencer. The experience has transformed the occupational medicine provider.

“We entered the year as a mid-sized medical network doing great work but still modest in staffing numbers,” recalled Spencer. “Today, we are triple in clinic and healthcare professional size, serving industry partners from Dillingham to Deadhorse and everywhere in-between across Alaska.”

Capstone’s initial patient need in the pandemic’s early days was to test and screen for the coronavirus. The company distinguished itself during that early phase, and it has continued to differentiate itself.

“We quickly stood out from other occupational medicine providers because of our background in clinical medicine and patient care,” Spencer said. “This background served as the foundation for rapidly deploying sound solutions to our clients. We immediately offered testing services to our clients, but we needed technology to support the data-sharing between us and our employer clients. We created COVIDSecure to manage this testing need. We didn’t think much of it at the time, but the technology proved unique, innovative, and valuable to employers and governments at many levels.”

Rapidly changing demands amid the pandemic also inspired Capstone to add an employer portal that gives real-time test results and screening information to employers – a logistical boon for clients with remote operations. Moreover, the healthcare provider brought COVID testing (for the PCR and TMA tests) in-house to dramatically shorten turnaround times so that employers can get results in a matter of hours. It even took the unexpected step of adding a tech startup branch to its medical practice.

“We didn’t anticipate the exigent need for and critical impact COVIDSecure would later demonstrate, but when it occurred, we rose to the occasion in Alaska and across the nation,” Spencer said.

Capstone also modified vaccination efforts to bring vaccinations to communities and employers’ operations. And with the COVIDSecure technology, the company continues to distinguish itself from other tech providers with nationwide service expansion contoured to support large companies and government sectors. The larger the staff and employee numbers, the more efficient COVIDSecure will be.

“We have mobile units delivering vaccines as well as fixed vaccination sites offering the vaccine to our patients and clients,” noted Spencer. “We adapted our technology to include vaccinations on the employer dashboard so there is a single source for assessing employee fitness for duty based on COVID factors.”

From providing healthcare to lab services, testing to vaccination, Capstone has proven its ability to provide responsive, innovative, quality occupational medicine despite very trying circumstances. Its COVIDSecure app is a potential game-changer for businesses and government sectors in the United States and internationally, particularly in the natural resources development industry.

“We’ve done a good job of helping our clients continue to send workers to the field and accomplish their missions safely and effectively, which is vital in Alaska where our economy is inextricably linked to oil and gas development and across our travel and air cargo sectors,” said Spencer. “We basically helped keep people working and traveling. For the organization, I’d say the fact we’ve experienced nearly a million COVID-19-related contacts in myriad environments with no resulting work-related COVID transmission is a very positive accomplishment I’m personally proud of.”

To be sure, Spencer also urges vigilance.

“My sense is employers at all levels want COVID to go away – just be done with it and get back to work,” he concluded. “But the problem is the fall season 2021 is going to be challenging. We are going to see a bump in numbers. The question will be what is the response from government and industries to the bump and how can they most effectively mitigate disruption. That’s where COVIDSecure will matter.”