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Broaden Your Oil and Gas Career Horizons with API Certifications

Wednesday July 07, 2021

Broaden Your Oil and Gas Career Horizons with API Certifications

Throughout its 101-year history, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has become a preeminent resource for the oil and gas industry. Over time, the organization has developed more than 700 standards to enhance operational and environmental safety, efficiency, and sustainability across the oil and gas value chain. It has also earned the distinction as a world leader in certifying oil and gas professionals.

API’s personnel certifications have also come to be regarded as the most demanded and desired credentials in the industry, providing applicants with a means to demonstrate their skills and strengthen their overall job performance. API-certified inspectors and personnel are recognized worldwide as professionals who perform their jobs in accordance with the latest and most acceptable industry inspection practices.

API’s Individual Certification Programs (ICP) comprises 20 leading-edge certification programs tailored to meet the needs of various segments of the oil and gas industry. Recently ICP’s top certifications earned accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), confirming that these certifications are developed through a rigorous and transparent process and by consensus to enhance safety and sustainability across the industry.

“API certification allows qualified personnel to establish a career path and make valuable contributions to the safety and quality of industry operations,” said Andri Orphanides, manager of ICP, adding that ICP has provided globally recognized certifications for more than three decades.

One of ICP’s newer offerings is the Certified Auditor Professional (CAP), which is an enhanced and streamlined version of the previous auditor certification program. CAP can help to validate the skillset of staff tasked with performing internal and vendor audits for API member and customer companies.

API designed CAP for individuals with auditing experience who wish to show their aptitude for auditing in an oil and gas setting. Certification program participants can pursue the CAP designation based on industry-leading quality management standards – API Spec Q1 or API Spec Q2. The API Spec Q1 quality management standard applies to oil and gas industry product manufacturers while API Spec Q2 focuses on service supply organizations in the industry. Participants must pass an exam to become CAP-certified.

“Individuals certified in either program will earn the CAP designation per the specification – Q1 or Q2 – they successfully completed,” said Orphanides. “They can strive to earn certifications in either one or both specifications.”

In addition to meeting an industry need, CAP also enables ICP to make further inroads into the upstream oil and gas industry by helping to improve the auditing process of the API Monogram and API Quality Registrar (APIQR) programs. These voluntary licensing programs facilitate the consistent manufacturing of product that conforms to applicable API specifications.

Monogram and APIQR licensees demonstrate that they have a quality management system that is consistent with API Spec Q1 or Q2. Securing API licensing hinges on a successful evaluation of a prospective licensee’s quality manual and satisfactorily passing an audit of its facility and processes by API-designated auditors. A company employing its own certified auditors to conduct internal audits prior to application can help prepare for the Monogram audit process. Additionally, the CAP program can provide benefits to API-designated auditors and the Monogram program as a whole. “The CAP program provides the preferred certification for API’s Monogram auditors, giving assurance to the industry that its audits are conducted by properly vetted and knowledgeable auditors,” said Orphanides.

To learn more about the CAP program, including application requirements and exam dates, please visit API’s ICP website.