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Upstream Gate Tech Delivers Better Security and Cuts Costs

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Wednesday July 22, 2020

Upstream Gate Tech Delivers Better Security and Cuts Costs

Oil and gas companies rely on gate security systems to restrict access to drilling sites, production and processing facilities, lease access roads, construction laydown yards and other areas. Stationing guards at gates can present a number of challenges for operators tied to cost, data collection accuracy, transaction speed and quality, audit trail documentation and even opportunities for bribery and malfeasance.

BlackHawk Datacom has unveiled an innovative means of improving security at these often-remote sites more cost effectively: SmartGate.

“SmartGate is a self-contained access control solution with dual-height kiosks and includes, on a single bollard, all equipment needed to remotely operate any existing customer gate equipped with an electronic gate operator or with BlackHawk Datacom’s rapidly deployable SmartGate Skid System,” explained Walt Messa, chief operating officer with BlackHawk Datacom.

SmartGate is designed to reduce the number of guards stationed onsite. The technology enables a single guard to remotely operate multiple gates, but it also improves the quality and consistency of documentation and gate transactions. SmartGate:

  • Reduces operating costs by up to 75-percent
  • Monitors traffic via ingress/egress traffic cameras
  • Provides detailed electronic reporting of all gate activities
  • Ensures extreme reliability through redundant backhaul capability
  • Archives all gate activities in video and photo formats
  • Eliminates unexpected vendor interruptions
  • Performs screening for valid MSA & Safety Compliance Certifications
  • Generates personnel manifests
  • Integrates easily with a facility security plan (FSP)
  • Offers proven maritime security (MARSEC) compliance

BlackHawk Datacom’s SmartGate system is designed to provide access control for permanent installations, but the technology can be customized with the following options:

  • SmartGate Skid: rapidly deployable skid-based access control for temporary installations
  • SmartGate Maritime: MARSEC-approved access control for port facilities

BlackHawk Datacom’s access control technology yields cost savings that can quickly add up. In fact, one of the company’s operator clients in South Texas is saving approximately $19,000 per month at one site entrance because it needs fewer gate security personnel.

Messa pointed out that SmartGate differs from other unmanned gate security systems because it is designed specifically for upstream oil and gas users and can be customized to meet the operator’s unique needs. He added the technology offers extreme reliability through redundant systems and the ability to validate safety and regulatory compliance certification. The system generates a robust set of reports, including:

  • Occupant On Site Data, which shows who was onsite for a specified tracked site and time period
  • Occupant On Site Now, which shows who is onsite right now for the specified tracked site
  • Man Hours By Person for the tracked site
  • Man Hours By Company for the tracked site

The SmartGate solution set provides various other reports showing gate transactions and statistics, call time logs, license plate data, executive summaries and other custom metrics.

“SmartGate’s design provides flexible hardware, software and process solutions to meet the specific protocol requirements of the customer, the location and the landowner’s site-specific requirements,” Messa said.

BlackHawk Datacom’s security product offering also extends to advanced video surveillance systems. For example, the firm implemented a real-time high-definition video recording and capture network to monitor activities and high traffic volume at the Port Fourchon facility on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. The high-definition video cameras employ advanced light sensitivity technology to provide detailed video in extremely low and complex lighting scenarios, and personnel with the logistics firm customer can remotely access the stored video for review.

The video surveillance know-how of BlackHawk Datacom goes beyond the water’s edge. To illustrate, the company helped an offshore supply vessel owner identify and mitigate unsafe practices and inappropriate behavior on some of its vessels. As a result, the customer was able to encourage safe practices, reinforce a professional work environment, reduce property damage claims and achieve lower insurance premiums.

Having provided mission-critical communications and managed security services to the offshore and maritime markets for more than 30 years, BlackHawk Datacom also provides satellite communications and broadband Internet coverage for vessels and platforms throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

For a full suite of access control, microwave wireless, satellite communications, two-way radio and video surveillance products and services tailored for oil and gas and maritime industry demands and backed by 24/7 network operations and customer service support, turn to BlackHawk Datacom.