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Wood Employees Keep Wheels of Industry Turning

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Monday May 11, 2020

Wood Employees Keep Wheels of Industry Turning

More than half of Wood’s employees are working on project sites, onshore and offshore, delivering construction, maintenance, operations and technical services to clients in oil, gas, power, utilities and infrastructure.

That means nearly 10,000 people still travelling to and from worksites in the Americas during the pandemic to keep industry moving.

“Our teams are committed to delivering technical excellence,” explained Paul Leonard, president of operations services at Wood. “They understand the importance of teamwork. They are adept at problem-solving, and above all else they prioritize personal safety. So, during the midst of a global pandemic, when critical infrastructure becomes more critical than ever, it’s fitting that our teams are demonstrating some unique ways to keep their projects active and their people safe in the fight against COVID-19.”

Challenging the status quo in challenging times isn’t for the fainthearted, but Wood’s engineering and design teams are proving they are up to the task. By delivering critical project milestones and maintaining project schedules remotely, they are bringing forth new ways of working in project management and project delivery terms.

One such milestone is a model review, which has been carried out remotely by multiple projects through the utilization of new technologies to great success and noted satisfaction from clients. A model review is an increasingly important part of the design phase in any major engineering project and is typically scheduled with the client six months to a year in advance of the overall project timeline.

The Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV) project team, where Wood provides engineering and construction services, has developed a video outlining their COVID-19 “Take Care” safety measures to protect the teams working on this noteworthy construction project with a clear message they are doing everything possible to keep people healthy and working.

Wood’s Trinidad and Brazil teams are increasing offshore rotations from 14 to 28 days to reduce the risk of bringing the virus offshore. Lowering the number of crew changes reduces the frequency of new people arriving on the asset. Wood teams are also implementing pre-mobilization hotel quarantine for offshore personnel to further mitigate the risk.

The use of technology is also enabling Wood to quickly transition typical in-person activity to online methods. Wood’s Gulf Coast U.S. operations and maintenance teams have moved personal safety training online. Moreover, a scheduled system audit in Eastern Canada was successfully completed remotely with Lloyds.

With nearly all sites now conducting daily screening via temperature checks of personnel, one team developed an even safer way in which to do this. In South Carolina the team assembled frames – fitted with plexiglass featuring carved-out holes – that protects those conducting daily temperature checks and keeps them at a safe distance from the personnel they are checking. This self-made apparatus is regularly cleaned and creates an extra barrier of protection.

“This is a challenging time in our world, yet it’s also a period where we are seeing some of the best in human kindness, in teamwork, in ideas and innovation, and in safety,” said Darren Anstee, president of HSSEA for Wood’s Americas business. “On behalf of everyone at Wood, I want to thank every single one of our people who continue to deliver our projects, our services and act responsibly and responsively to protect our people. I am inspired by many of the ideas and actions I see coming from teams across the Americas and thank you again for your commitment and care.”

Wood developed seven protocols to keep people safe across all of its job sites. Click here to learn more about its project site protocols for tackling COVID-19.