Shell Launches Lubricant Service Via Wearable Tech In Middle East

Shell Launches Lubricant Service Via Wearable Tech In Middle East
Shell rolls out Lube Advisor service using wearable technology to its customers in the Middle East.

Supermajor Shell has announced that the Lube Advisor, using wearable technology, was rolled out to its customers in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

This was done by the company’s subsidiary Shell Markets Middle East Limited. As part of its enhanced services, Lube Advisor uses the wearable technology, supporting customers in optimizing their lubricants operations, and significantly reducing fleet maintenance and operational costs.

Using a wearable gadget, Shell’s team can provide customers with remote consultations, eliminating the need for face-to-face interaction, or physical presence on customers’ locations. The technology also enables real-time monitoring of field technicians to ensure their safety and in providing them with audio-visual assistance to perform maintenance services.

One of the first adopters of wearable technology, Shell is focused on equipping frontline workers in vital sectors such as oil and gas, construction, transport, and manufacturing with the technology that allows them to raise notifications, engage with offsite experts for over the shoulder coaching, and communicate for the status of equipment and tools that will ultimately improve safety, efficiency, and result in faster, better decision making, all in real-time.

“The enhanced integration of wearable technologies and the increasing reliance on remote technological solutions has unlocked opportunities that allow us to support fleet operators and customers by addressing challenges they face on-site in real-time, ultimately changing how we do business,” said Haytham Yehia, General Manager, Shell Lubricants Middle East.

“Integrating wearable tech with inspection and maintenance technologies to improve operational efficiencies and minimize risk to the workforce is a key focus for us at Shell. These wearable devices are made to withstand extreme temperature variations and resist oil, chemical spills, heavy rain, and dust among other things, making the working environment more secure,” Yehia added.

The Shell Lube Advisor wearable device provides a personalized consultation, without a physical site visit, that ultimately removes the complications of diary scheduling and travel arrangements, while adhering to social distance guidelines and travel restrictions, without causing service delays.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that being agile with business operations is key. The Lube Advisor using wearable technology is one of many advanced technologies that we have invested in and have started to roll out to customers in the Middle East region,” Yahia continued.

“This is particularly important during a time where challenges with how we typically operate have forced us to re-invent the wheel and identify ways that eliminate an impact on operations and ensure business continuity. Our advanced solution has allowed us to turn challenges of in-person meeting limitations into an opportunity to expand how we work with our customers, creating a seamless way to ensure a consistent flow of information,” he concluded.

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