Schlumberger Meets with Libya NOC

Schlumberger Meets with Libya NOC
Libya's National Oil Corporation has revealed that the chairman of its board of directors recently held a meeting with the general manager of Schlumberger Libya.

Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) has revealed that the chairman of its board of directors, Mustafa Sanalla, recently held a meeting with the general manager of Schlumberger Libya, Mustafa Ajaj, at NOC’s headquarters in Tripoli.

NOC noted that the meeting was devoted to discussing several “common topics”. The most important of these was said to be the financial situation of Schlumberger and the possibility of repaying debts owed by NOC.

In the meeting, Sanalla explained that NOC had received a promise from the Prime Minister to liquidate the allocated budgets, according to NOC, which highlighted that, once these are received, the debts will be paid immediately.

Ajaj is said to have praised the integrity of NOC, stressing that the company will not breach its promises. He noted that Schlumberger is also committed to all its promises regarding sustainable development projects, NOC revealed.

This was not the first meeting between NOC and a major energy player. In May, NOC revealed that it had met with representatives from Equinor and in April, NOC revealed that it had met with the chief executive officer of TotalEnergies.

The Equinor delegation was headed by Alessandri Cook, the company’s vice president, Paul McCafferty, the head of exploration and production, and Lindsay Gunaway, the head of production. During the meeting, NOC emphasized its insistence to continue cooperation with major international companies in the field of oil and gas investments in order to develop the oil industry in Libya and to transfer expertise, and also to rehabilitate damaged oilfields, in addition to building capabilities and coordinate for technical training programs to enhance the efficiency of the oil industry workers and move forward the country’s development.

In NOC’s meeting with TotalEnergies, the companies discussed strengthening bilateral relationships and expanding the scope of mutual cooperation between the two sides, NOC outlined. Social initiative programs were also said to have been discussed.

NOC was established in 1970 to assume the responsibility of oil sector operations. It owns several entities, including refining, oil and gas processing and national drilling service companies.

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