Regulator Reveals Probable Causes For Fatal GOM Incident

Regulator Reveals Probable Causes For Fatal GOM Incident
The BSEE has released an investigation report on a fatal incident on the Fieldwood-operated platform in the GOM which occurred in May 2020.

The BSEE has released an investigation report on a fatal incident on the Fieldwood Energy-operated platform in the Gulf of Mexico which occurred in May 2020.

The incident in question occurred on Ewing Bank, Block 826, Platform “A” some 60 miles south of the Louisiana coast, in the Gulf of Mexico. The incident resulted in a fatality.

The incident occurred when the crewmember was in the process of replacing grating on the casing deck of the platform when the section of grating parted while the crewmember was standing on it.

The BSEE stated that the fire watch witnessed the victim partially fall through the grating and attempted to alert personnel on the casing deck, to no avail. The fire watch then left his post to alert all personnel on the platform about the incident via the GAI-Tronics intercom. By the time of the alert, the victim fell around 50 feet to the +10 deck.

After an investigation and analysis of the incident was completed, BSEE’s expert panel made several recommendations to reduce the likelihood of such events in the future.

The panel identified several probable causes of the incident, one of it being Fieldwood’s failure to maintain all walking surfaces on the facility in a safe condition.

Other causes include Fieldwood’s failure to ensure that FCC’s Safe Work Practices are met or exceeded, the supervisors failing to fulfill their intended responsibilities within the relevant, established practices, and personnel performing the job failing to adhere to the requirements of the job safety analysis.

Identified contributing causes to the incident include not controlling the JSA process, construction crew members following the instructions of personnel who were not in a position of authority, complacency at the job site allowing for unnecessary risk exposure, the fire watch did not have or did not use a personal communication radio to convey to the construction crew and other platform personnel that the victim was in danger in a timely manner.

The safety regulator also made a list of key recommendations identified as a result of the investigative findings detailed in the report.

The BSEE recommended that all facility walking and working surfaces should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they are in a safe condition. Also, responsibilities must be clearly assigned, supervisors should be trained, skilled, and knowledgeable in their assigned duties and responsibilities.

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