Aminex Updates Frac-Treatment Program at Shoats Creek

Aminex provided an update on its Shoats Creek exploration program.

As reported earlier, the Olympia Minerals 10-1 well ("OM10-1") was drilled to target depth in August. On the basis of encouraging well logs, a decision was taken to test the Upper Wilcox sands.

El Paso Exploration and Production LP and partners ("El Paso"), the operator of OM10-1, subsequently recommended that greater productivity could be achieved by fracture treatment of individual formations ('frac-treatment'). As each of five zones has had to be frac-treated separately and each zone then flow-tested prior to perforating and frac-treating the next zone up, this has become a relatively long process.

Four of the five zones selected have now been frac-treated and the fifth is likely to be frac-treated during the next 7 days, always subject to equipment availability and unanticipated operational delays.

Once the final stage of the frac-treatment program is completed, a decision will be made on which zones will be initially produced and which (if any) will be left behind-pipe for future production.

Optimised production will then commence and the details will be announced to shareholders. Until the test program has been completed no further announcements will be made.

Aminex chairman Brian Hall commented, "The Wilcox sands underlying Shoats Creek have for a long time been a significant component of our 2P reserves in the USA and we are very pleased that these are now being proved up with the drill bit. Further drilling in the Wilcox is likely."