Schlumberger Co. Acquires Idrabel Italia

M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company, announced the recent acquisition of Idrabel Italia, an environmental technologies company based in Italy. The company specializes in production tank cleaning and petroleum sludge treatment as well as oil recovery and volatile organic compound (VOC) control for the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

The company focuses specifically on solving critical problems related to hydrocarbon recovery from tank sludge while preventing toxic gas emissions.

The traditional approach to cleaning accumulated sludge from oil storage tanks used in refineries, terminals and tank farms imposes many challenges including HSE risks, high volumes of waste and prolonged tank shutdown time. The Idrabel system allows for recovery of more than 95% of hydrocarbons present in the sludge while minimizing the volume of waste to be treated or disposed of. The automated system also provides significant benefits reducing the exposure and risk associated with tank entry and waste handling.

The Idrabel acquisition integrates with the M-I SWACO Environmental Solutions Technology offerings to the downstream petroleum industry, creating additional opportunities for M-I SWACO to serve this sector.

"The Idrabel technology integrates well with our tank cleaning and production waste management product lines, enhancing the Environmental Solutions offering of M-I SWACO," said Diana Andrade, director of emerging technologies, M-I SWACO.

M-I SWACO acquired a 100% share of Idrabel Italia. The company's offices in Savona, Italy, will continue operating with the current structure and customer service quality but will now be part of a larger organization that will enhance their global coverage and support.