Sonoro Adds Member to BOD

Sonoro announced that his Excellency Mr. Hamad Al Shamsi has joined the Sonoro Board of Directors.

Mr. Al Shamsi is a high-ranking diplomat within the UAE with various titles and responsibilities with significant portfolios in the Middle East. Mr. Al Shamsi also serves on several private company boards and has been a former diplomat throughout the Middle East.

With the addition of Mr. Al Shamsi, Mr. David Coe will step down from the Board of Directors but will continue to provide advisory services to the Board and the Company.

Richard Wadsworth commented, "It is a great pleasure to have his Excellency join our Board and provide his wealth of knowledge, experience and prominence in the Middle East and internationally. With an accomplished Board and management team now in place, the Company is prepared to aggressively pursue oil and gas resource projects in the Company's areas of experience and strength." Mr. Wadsworth further commented, "The Board and I thank Mr. David Coe for his leadership and experience to the Board and wish him success in all his future endeavors."