Drilling Ops to Be Completed at North Oklahoma Oil Project

American Petro-Hunter announced that the NOJ26 Well at the North Oklahoma Oil Project has reached a total depth of 3,455 feet and is now being completed prior to commercial production. The Company has been informed by the Operator that multiple zones in the target formations will be completed based on strong oil shows from two pay intervals of over 40 feet each.

A suite of electronic logs has been run and casing has been set to depth in preparation for perforating the target objectives. Based on the logs and drilling results, the Company and partners believe that NOJ26 will result in a commercially viable oil well. The ongoing completion efforts will include flow testing of the oil bearing formations to determine what the well can and will deliver on a BPD (barrel per day) basis. The upper pay zone directly above the shale exhibited excellent oil shows and log responses indicating a possible capability of delivering over 150 BPD I.P.R. (initial production rate).

Core samples of the oil shale have been sent for detailed testing and analysis in order to assist in determining the optimal stimulation program designed to maximize commercial production. The Company is confident that the initial results at NOJ26 combined with the future potential for production from the oil shale zone could ultimately result in a 200 plus BPD producer. American Petro-Hunter is a 50% partner in the well.