Aminex Says the Nynuni #1 Well is Making Good Progress

Aminex says that the Nyuni#1 well is making good progress. The well has reached 2,590 subsea in Turonian shale and 7.5/8th' casing is currently being set, as planned. The main Neocomian target is anticipated soon after drilling resumes. The Neocomian formation is the principal target for this well and is the reservoir present in the adjacent Songo Songo gas field.

The well is planned to terminate in the top Jurassic formation which is now expected to be reached at a depth of around 3,300 meters by the end of December.

Nyuni-1 is the first of two wells being drilled on the Nyuni offshore license using an F200 land rig owned by Dafora Drilling of Romania. The second well, Okuza-1, will test a separate but adjacent structure and will be drilled from nearby Okuza Island.'

Partners in the Nyuni#1 well are Ndovu Resources Ltd. (Operator) with 60%; Petrom SA with 30%; and Bounty Oil & Gas with 10%.

Ndovu Resources Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aminex PLC. Petrom SA is the state oil company of Romania