Schlumberger Unveils New Downhole Reservoir Testing System

Schlumberger announced the release of the Quartet high-performance downhole reservoir testing system. This complete downhole testing system allows operators to isolate, control, measure and sample all in a single run.

"Now operators can test more safely and efficiently for an altogether better reservoir test," said Devan Raj, marketing and technology manager, Schlumberger Testing Services. "The deep-reading, high-resolution pressure measurements and representative reservoir fluid samples help operators prove reservoir potential and reach a better basis for their decisions."

During exploration in the Gulf of Venezuela, an operator needed to perform a series of downhole tests on its high-rate gas wells to determine reservoir properties. With the Quartet system's single-trip efficiency, the operator saved four days of rig time while safely achieving its test objectives.

The Quartet downhole assembly is one-fourth the length of conventional configurations. The system offers a range of advantages, including 35% lower tool operating pressure, 90% less nitrogen, 50% fewer seals and 60% fewer connections. In addition, drill collars and slips joints are eliminated from the downhole string.

The Quartet system consists of four technologies engineered specifically for reservoir testing: CERTIS high-integrity reservoir test isolation system, IRDV intelligent remote dual valve, CQG crystal quartz gauge and SCAR inline independent reservoir fluid sampling.