Schlumberger Launches New Multifrequency Dielectric Dispersion Service

Schlumberger announced the release of the Dielectric Scanner multlifrequency dielectric dispersion service. This service offers new petrophysical measurements for enhanced hydrocarbon saturation computation.

"The Dielectric Scanner service is the first in the industry to accurately quantify residual hydrocarbon volume, Archie's exponents and formation CEC," said Catherine MacGregor, president, Schlumberger Wireline. "With a precise measurement of water volume and rock texture, the service has enabled operators to enhance hydrocarbon production in carbonate, shaly sand and heavy oil reservoirs in both exploration and development environments."

An operator in South America needed to understand the production potential of a laminated reservoir. Thinly bedded shale and sand layers decreased resistivity measurements, masking pay zones and resulting in pessimistic interpretation of hydrocarbon volume. The Dielectric Scanner log dispelled uncertainty about the reservoir quality revealing a 150-ft section of movable oil.

The use of multifrequency dielectric dispersion science is unique in the industry. Used in conjunction with traditional logging measurements, it is now possible to determine residual oil saturation in carbonate reservoirs, hydrocarbon volume in low-resistivity or low-contrast shaly and laminated sand formations, and hydrocarbon volume and mobility in heavy oil reservoirs.