Europa O&G Ramps Reserves to 1.4 MMb at West Firsby Field

Europa O&G provided the results of recent work on the West Firsby Field, which has led to a 250% increase in the P50 remaining reserves numbers to 1.4 million barrels (mmbo).

Merlin Energy Resources undertook a detailed re-mapping of the field using the reprocessed seismic data set, resulting in revised calculations of initial oil-in-place (`STOIIP'). In conjunction, iProdTech consultant engineers reviewed the production history and reservoir engineering data. Their report concludes that there is a significant additional amount of recoverable oil in Zone 1 to that previously recognized.

Total STOIIP is estimated at 20.6 mmbo (P50 case), with total production to date of 1.4 mmbo (7% average recovery factor). However, Zone 2A has produced 25% of its STOIIP whilst Zone 1 only 4%, despite having similar reservoir characteristics. The average East Midlands oilfield recovery factor in these reservoirs is between 15 and 25%. iProdTech estimate a P50 remaining reserve for the field of 1.41 mmbo, of which 60% is in Zone 1.

This represents a 1 mmbo field-wide increase on previous estimates. In order to recover these additional reserves, up to three new wells will be required on the field.

Paul Barrett, Managing Director, said, "This review, commissioned in March this year, is the first comprehensive subsurface review of the West Firsby Field for some time and supports the management's view that the field holds significant unrecovered oil volumes. The planned WF9 well therefore has two clear objectives: to significantly increase field production and access these additional Zone 1 reserves."