BGP Adds New Vessel to Fleet

After more than six-month's conversion, a new member of BGP's Fleet, the BGP Explorer, has been successfully launched in Tanggu, China. The vessel is equipped with the Sercel Sentinel Solid streamer, ION DigiCourse compass, DigiRANGE acoustic cable positioning and DigiFin cable lateral control, ION Integrated Navigation System (INS), Veripos DGPS and SeaTrack rGPS, Sercel G-Gun(II) and ProMax QC system. The BGP Explorer is capable of conducting 2D and small 3D marine seismic surveys towing one to four streamers (1x 12 km, 2x 8 km, 3x 6 km or 4x 3 km). Her first survey has started in Indonesia.

BGP has extensive experiences in shallow water, undershooting and other severe environments. We believe that the BGP Explorer can provide our clients excellent service in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.