Roxi Confirms Hydrocarbons at South Yelemes Well

Roxi announced the following drilling and testing results on South Yelemes field:

  • Well 805 flows 226 bopd from Middle Jurassic Sandstone.
  • Confirmation of mobile hydrocarbons on Lower Cretaceous dolomites.
  • Well 806 drilled to total depth of 2557m, with likely residual oil shows.

BNG (Roxi Interest 23.41%) - South Yelemes

Well 805 which was drilled in June 2010, began testing operations on 5 August 2010. The well has tested two hydrocarbon bearing zones between 1965m and 2230m. From the lower zone , a stabilized flow rate of 226 barrels of 29o API oil per day was achieved on a 6mm choke from a 4m pay interval in the Middle Jurassic sandstone reservoir. Following successful flow-test and build-up, the interval was isolated and the completion string, re-set to test the overlying Lower Cretaceous Dolomites. A 9m pay interval was perforated across the dolomite section and oil was initially swabbed into the borehole. The well flowed 29o API oil, intermittently to surface. Following acidizing, enhanced inflow of oil was recorded, however no stabilized flow to surface was achieved. Preliminary evaluation of the test results indicates that the interval should be capable of producing 150 barrels of oil per day on pump.

The well will now be prepared for test production of the Middle Jurassic in preparation for BNG receiving Pilot Production consent for South Yelemes.

Well 806, spudded on the July 31, 2010 to appraise the Middle Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous accumulations, has reached a total depth of 2557m. There are good oil shows over a 12m interval in the Middle Jurassic with a further 16m of possible pay in the over lying Lower Cretaceous. Preliminary log results indicate that these could be residual oil shows, and the well may not be capable of producing oil. The core and log data will be further evaluated to determine the potential for testing well 806. In the meantime, casing will be run and the SNGS ZJ-40 drilling rig will move to the well 135 pad on MJ-A (North Yelemes) prospect.

David Wilkes CEO commented, "We are pleased with the confirmation of the Lower Cretaceous reservoir in well 805, which could add significant value to the project. The results of well 806 will have to be fully evaluated, following which, we will start to delineate the distribution of these reservoirs, and assign reserves, using the high quality core, log and test data we acquired in these appraisal wells"