AED Trumps Operational Issues at Brunei Well

AED has successfully managed the operational issues which arose out of the previously announced increased pressures and gas influx in the Lempuyang-1 exploration well. AED will now drill through the casing shoe, carry out the leak off test, and then progress to drilling the targets in the 6" hole.

AED has finalized the design of the Lukut-1 testing program. AED has also progressed with the tendering for testing equipment and is currently evaluating tender responses. The decision to formally mobilize the testing equipment will be dependent upon the outcome of the Lempuyang-1 well. A sequential testing program for both wells would prove commercially beneficial. The outcome of the Lempuyang-1 well will be known at the completion of the drilling, logging and evaluation of the well.

Further updates will be made on a weekly basis unless additional disclosure is required.