Topaz Notes Drilling, Log Results of Barnett Well

Topaz Resources reported the drilling and log results of its Barnett Shale well located in the "oil" leg of the Barnett shale formation in North Texas.

"The well was drilled to a total depth of 7,740 feet stopping at the top of the Viola formation. The electronic logs have identified a 600 foot section of Barnett Shale which includes a solid 400 foot section in the Lower Barnett with porosity and permeability values that indicate good productive capabilities," stated Bob Lindsay, COO of Topaz Resources.

"The logs also confirm good productive characteristics from 6,775 feet to 6,785 feet, from 6,817 feet to 6,827 feet and from 6,881 feet to 6,888 feet in the shallower Conglomerate, supporting the good oil and gas shows that were encountered during drilling through these depths. In addition, oil and gas shows during drilling and the logs indicate that we have encountered a potential productive Marble Falls zone at 6,980 feet to 7,160 feet. Based on these results, Topaz set casing and cemented as a vertical well through the Barnett up to the shallower Conglomerate and Marble Falls zones. We currently are designing a completion program and are assessing the behind pipe production and reserve potential in the Marble Falls and Conglomerate formations."