Epilson Bids Farewell to Director

Epsilon announced that Greg Halvatzis has submitted his resignation from the Board of Directors of Epsilon effective immediately.

In his notice of resignation, Mr. Halvatzis stated, "Although a Board member for only a short time, I appreciate having the opportunity to work with you and wish all of you as well as Epsilon Energy Ltd. continued success."

Joseph Feldman will be joining the Epsilon Board effective immediately. Mr. Feldman is the President of Joseph Feldman Consulting Services Inc. From June of 2005 until December 2007, Mr. Feldman was engaged in the practice of law in the Province of Ontario. Mr. Feldman is also the President and CEO of Tawsho Mining Inc. From August 1978 until December 2007, Mr. Feldman was a partner in the law firm of Torkin, Manes LLP. During the course of his legal career, Mr. Feldman advised many small and medium sized businesses primarily in the real estate industry in the Province of Ontario. Mr. Feldman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto (1969), a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Kent (1970), a Bachelor of Law Degree from Queens University (1973) and a Master of Laws Degree from Osgoode Hall Law School (2001).