Bahamas Bans Offshore Drilling

The Public is advised that The Ministry of The Environment has suspended consideration of all applications for oil exploration and drilling in the waters of The Bahamas. The Ministry seeks, by this decision, to maintain and safeguard an unpolluted marine environment for The Bahamas, notwithstanding the potential financial benefits of oil explorations.

Additionally all existing licenses will be reviewed to ascertain any legal entitlement for renewal.

Given recent events involving oil exploration and the efforts to prevent pollution, this prudent safeguard is essential to preserving the most vital natural resource of The Bahamas, its environment.

The Ministry will work diligently to complete and have in place, very stringent and environmental protocols for oil exploration prior to any further consideration of applications, given that oil is likely to be located in the marine environment of The Bahamas.

The Ministry of The Environment believes that this prudent policy requirement is in the best interest of The Bahamas and the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of future generations of Bahamian citizens and visitors.