Cubic Posts Flow Rate Results at La. Well

Cubic announced a twenty-four (24) hour flow rate for the Thomas 36 No. 1 well post completion clean up of 15,000 Mcfpd at approximately 7,000 lbs. of flowing casing pressure. The Thomas 36 No. 1 well is located in Section 36, Township 16 North -- Range 15 West in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. Cubic has a 37% working interest in this well.

Calvin Wallen III, Cubic's President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, "Again, Cubic's acreage position in the Haynesville shows its prolific nature and the viability of the reservoir. As development of our acreage continues with our Joint Venture partners, we are very excited about the growth and financial improvement we have already made and what the company could accomplish going forward."