Entek Spies Hydrocarbons at Green River Basin

Entek provided the following update on the Company's Green River Basin operations.

Butter Lake 32-10 (32-10)

The well has reached a Total Depth of 8,830' TVD. While drilling the primary targets of Niobrara Formation and Frontier Formation, the well encountered very encouraging shows of gas and oil, including the need to flare gas; and the progressive accumulation of oil in the mudpits. Entek, as the new operator of the area has implemented an upgraded mud program and drilling technique in the 32-10 well that appears to have resulted in excellent hole stability and condition, facilitating logging and completion. There is no indication of the mud-oil emulsion that appears to be a problem at 14-15A. The 32-10 hole has now been wireline logged (confirming the mudlog shows) and the liner run. Preparations are now being made to run tubing and commence testing operations as soon as practicable. Initial flow results are expected in around 4 to 6 days time.

Battle Mountain 14-15A (14-15A)

Operations on the 14-15A well have been put on hold due to continuing problems with the oil-mud emulsion down hole and poor hole conditions. The encouraging drilling results at the Butter Lake 32-10 well and the excellent condition of that hole over the Niobrara section encourages Entek to consider a high angle side track of 14-15A through the prospective Niobrara section later in this drilling season. The shows in the original 14-15A well (drilled in 2009 with an inferior mud system) were very encouraging and a high angle sidetrack using the same drilling techniques and mud system as that used in the Butter Lake 32-10 well is
expected to result in significantly improved test and production results.

Robidoux 13-15T (13-15T)

Operations at Robidoux 13-15T will be conducted after operations at the 14-15A well are complete. The option to side track 13-15T with the upgraded mud system and drilling technique is also being considered.