Wartsila Seals Maintenance Deal with Eidesvik

Wärtsilä  has signed a long term service agreement with Eidesvik Offshore, Norway, for the supply of maintenance services for the seismic vessel Oceanic Vega. The service agreement is expected to considerably reduce maintenance costs for the owner, while providing uninterrupted availability and high levels of reliability.

The agreement, which was signed at this year's ONS exhibition in Stavanger, Norway on August 24, is for five years, with an option for an additional five years. There is also an option for a sister vessel, due to be delivered in July 2011.

Identifying faults before breakdowns occur

Wärtsilä's proactive DMP (Dynamic Maintenance Planning) program includes the planning and scheduling of engine maintenance based on the online monitoring of the mechanical condition, performance, system efficiency data, and other indicators from each engine. The data is collected and monitored daily, which enables the sources of faults to be identified before failure occurs.

In expressing his satisfaction with the service agreement, Eidesvik's CEO, Jan Fredrik Meling, commented, "Innovative thinking has always been one of our competitive advantages, and Wärtsilä's maintenance concept adds to this thinking. Eidesvik sees it as important that we, in co-operation with both the operator of the vessel and Wärtsilä, can ensure continuous supervision of maintenance needs, thus minimizing shut-downs, and making maintenance breaks as predictable and brief as possible."

"Wärtsilä's Dynamic Maintenance Planning (DMP) works as a partnership whereby the supplier, owner, and operator work together to minimize non-operational periods. The concept includes planning and scheduling maintenance, utilizing system efficiency data, and holding regular meetings, as well as using a variety of measurements. This data is collected and monitored on a daily basis, and in this way we can effectively assess the likelihood of breakdowns before they occur," said Mr Sveinung Hansen, President, Wärtsilä Norway.

Wärtsilä is also committed to carrying out regular inspections and overhauls of the equipment onboard The Oceanic Vega.