Senergy Snaps Up 2nd Drilling Project with Noreco

Senergy is set to commence work on a second exploration well in Norway for Norwegian Energy Company (Noreco). The company has also been contracted to support Noreco's exploration activities in Denmark.

The work underlines the rapidly expanding capabilities of Senergy's Norway operations, which are expected to double in size over the next two years.

In Noreco's latest Norwegian project, Senergy is to lead the project management for the drilling of the Svaneøgle prospect, which is located in block 17/6 in the Norwegian North Sea Continental Shelf. The drilling work is scheduled to begin in Q4 2010.

Daren Wallwork, vice president of Senergy's energy services said, "Senergy's work on Svaneøgle follows our successful project management of drilling on Noreco's Tasta prospect, which was completed both on time and within budget.

"Working closely with Noreco, we were responsible for the exploration drilling program, well operation management, logistics and well construction reporting. The well construction operations included drilling, coring, electric line logging, well abandonment, and other rig based operations including mobilization to and from the Tasta well location.

"We are now looking forward to beginning work on Svaneøgle, having been focused on the well planning since February 2010. The scope of work undertaken with Noreco reinforces how Senergy has positioned itself as a key player in Norway's energy sector through its innovative approach and niche capabilities including petrophysical analysis, reservoir seismic characterization, core analysis, and geomechanics and geology."

Senergy has been supporting Noreco since July 2007 when its integrated wells team was enlisted to deliver well planning activities during exploration drilling at the Tasta prospect, Noreco's first well as an operator in Norway. The Tasta well was located 15km east of the Jotun Field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

The well was drilled to a vertical depth of 2,249m below sea level and whilst no hydrocarbons were found, Noreco said Senergy played a vital role in the effective delivery of the project.

Kenneth Larsen, Noreco's drilling manager, said, "Senergy's contribution to the delivery of our first operated well has been of vital importance to Noreco. The company's professional and detailed planning and technical expertise - combined with a real team effort - have underpinned this project and been fundamental to its safe and efficient delivery."

Next year, Senergy will continue to support Noreco on its exploration program in Denmark.