TransCanada Reports on Preliminary Cause of Pipeline Inciden

Preliminary investigations into the cause of two pipeline breaks earlier this week on TransCanada's Alberta system show the breaks are likely due to external corrosion on the pipeline. The affected sections of pipeline are about 100 km southeast of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

TransCanada employees continue to work with regulators at both sites to investigate and evaluate the damage.

"We have crews working around the clock to repair the pipeline," says Don Wishart, TransCanada's executive vice-president, Operations and Engineering. "We want to get it operating safely and reliably as soon as possible."

TransCanada has an extensive integrity program that meets and often exceeds industry standards. The program includes pipeline maintenance, corrosion control, leak detection, aerial patrol, cathodic protection surveys and public awareness. TransCanada has spent approximately $74 million on its pipeline integrity program this year.