BGP Performs Under-Shooting in Gulf of Guinea

BGP PIONEER successfully performed an under-shoot using two vessels in the Gulf of Guinea. This area covers the Ghana SALTPOND block, about 5 kilometers from the coastline. The BGP PIONEER was the master vessel towing 6 streamers, and the source vessel was the Geo-Mariner. The obstacle to undershoot was the oil recovery platform of Ghana Oil Company. In order to acquire the data under the platform, the crew adjusted the distances between the two vessels and at the same time kept operating along the lines. After successfully performing the under-shoot, the site supervisor praised the success of the subsurface bin coverage under the obstacle, the integrity of the data and the entire performance of the crews.

The under-shoot was performed with a wireless bridge system, which exchanged and transformed the data between both vessels simultaneously. By successfully completing this complex method of marine streamer acquisition, the BGP PIONEER has demonstrated BGP's position as a leading geophysical contractor in the oil and gas industry.