Tap Oil Outlines Drilling Program

Tap Oil reports that both the Simpson-8 appraisal well and the Tanami-7 exploration well were drilled from the Simpson Bravo platform which is located in Harriet Joint Venture production license TL/1 offshore Australia.

The Simpson-8 well has been drilled to total depth and electric logs indicate that the reservoir at this location has been swept by adjacent production wells in the field. Consequently, the Simpson-8 well bore was abandoned and the borehole sidetracked to commence drilling of Tanami-7 to evaluate possible additional reserves to the south of the Tanami Oil Field. The Tanami-7 well reached total depth today. Electric logs indicate the absence of a hydrocarbon column at this location and accordingly the well will now be plugged and abandoned. It is now planned to further sidetrack the well and drill Simpson-6 to evaluate the potential for additional oil reserves. It is anticipated that Simpson-6 appraisal well will reach its target in the next few days.

The next wells in Tap's drilling schedule are anticipated to be:

  • Gudrun-2 TP/8 (Tap 12.22%)
  • Blackthorne-1 (previously Taunton-5) TP/7 (Tap 12.47%)
  • Taunton-4 TP/7 (Tap 12.47%)

  • It is expected that the drilling of these wells will commence by mid-January. TL/1 Harriet Joint Venture Participants are Apahce as operator with 68.5%; Tap Oil with 12.2229% and Kufpec with 19.2771%.