Mosaic Oil Succeeds Twice in Five Days

Mosaic Oil has found drilling success twice in five days with the company reporting that its revolutionary use of Horizontal Coiled Tubing Drilling with nitrified liquids has struck gas again overnight at Tinker 2H with a flow of an estimated 2 (two) million cubic ft of gas per day.

Some oil is coming to the surface with gas and rock cuttings. The oil measures 46 degrees API.

"The original Tinker 2 well, drilled in 1989, flowed gas at only 400,000 cubic ft a day on test and was never completed as a production well. This is a 500 percent increase," said Dr Howard Brady, Mosaic CEO.

When using horizontal drilling, gas and oil flows to the surface through a 5.5 inch casing together with rock cuttings. As soon as practicable a work over rig will be contracted to install production tubing in the tinker 2H well.

Full testing will then be conducted through 2.3/8 inch production tubing.

Mosaic Chief Executive Officer, Dr Howard Brady, on site in the Surat Basin, says Mosaic’s staff is rewriting more than 40 years of geological and technical history by using Horizontal Underbalanced Drilling.

Mosaic is now to move on to the Tinker 4 and Lark 1 wells using horizontal coiled tubing drilling with nitrified liquids. As in the first two wells, previously drilled wells will be used as (re) entry points to a depth of approximately two kilometres before the high tech coiled tubing system bends out horizontally up to 400 metres.