Entek Notes Drilling Activities in Green River Basin

Entek Energy provided the following update on the Company's Green River Basin operations.

Butter Lake 32-10 – The well has reached a depth of 7,050' TVD. The hole has been logged, cased and cemented as planned. Potential hydrocarbon bearing zones in the drilled section to date will be evaluated based on the wireline logs. Current operation is running in hole to drill ahead into the oil prone Niobrara primary target section.

Battle Mountain 14-15A – Present operation is cleaning an oil-mud emulsion out of the hole so that the test of formation fluids can proceed. The high density and viscosity of the emulsion requires that the well be circulated and swabbed to clean up the hole before testing. After circulating and swabbing the well will be flow tested for a period of around 3 days before being put on production.

Robidoux 13-15T - Operations at Robidoux 13-15T will be conducted after flow testing is complete at the 14-15T well.