Eagle Rock Temporarily Shuts-In East Tx. Production

Eagle Rock announced that its East Texas oil and gas production has been temporarily shut-in due to an unscheduled turnaround of the Eustace processing facility owned and operated by Tristream. The Eustace facility was shut down on August 11, 2010, due to an electrical failure that led to significant damage to the facility's sulfur recovery unit. The turnaround will involve replacing all of the tubes in the reaction furnace's waste heat recovery unit and replacing the catalyst in the sulfur recovery unit. Tristream expects the turnaround to last for 30 to 45 days, during which time substantially all of the Partnership's production in the area will be shut-in. The Partnership expects the shut-in to negatively impact net revenues in its Upstream Business during the third quarter of 2010 by approximately $1.3 to $2.0 million.

Tristream had originally planned to conduct a 30-day turnaround of the Eustace facility in early 2011. The current turnaround, while unscheduled, should shorten or eliminate the need for the 2011 turnaround.