qedi to Launch Offshore Phase on BP Valhall Project

qedi is to launch the offshore phase of its contract on BP's largest North Sea upstream oil and gas project after successfully executing the onshore stage at a total value estimated to be in excess of £10million. 

The Aberdeen-headquartered company's industry-renowned GO Technology® project management system has been integral to the smooth operation of the onshore phase on the Valhall redevelopment in the Norwegian continental shelf. 

GO Technology®, a web-enabled suite of project management tools, has been implemented on the project to produce commissioning procedures and associated job cards for managing the quality and integrity of the whole onshore and offshore completions processes. It will now be utilized in the offshore phase of the project. 

Tony Davies, qedi operations director who helped design the pioneering Go Technology® system, said, "The successful deployment of our products on the Valhall Project has been a significant achievement for qedi and one which reinforces the industry value of GO Technology®. The software system has become best practice for our clients' completions, commissioning and start-up as well as becoming an integral part of the standardization of their working practices, technical integrity and data management. 

"qedi has been working with BP on the Valhall project since the beginning of 2007 and following a successful trial of the Go Plan component of GO Technology®, BP recognised the operational benefits of upgrading to our new proprietary system which is helping to enhance management and control of commissioning of oil and gas facilities around the world. 

"The first phase involved ensuring that all procedures were in place and ready for start up. We also supplied specialist commissioning resources to the project which saw us more than double the number of engineers on the project from eight to 18 in just eight weeks." 

GoTechnology® has been endorsed by a rapidly growing number of industry operators and engineering and procurement companies. Industry uptake of the GO Technology® license has increased by 150% over the last three years and contributed significantly to qedi's growth. The company has exceeded business growth in the first half of 2010 by 30% and created 50 new employment opportunities. 

BP Valhall is also using the Go Completions application, which is a completions process that provides management for progressing the quality and integrity of the platform.