Apache's Qasr-2X Tests 34.5 MMCF

Apache said its Egyptian Qasr-2X well flowed 34.5 million cubic feet (MMcf) of natural gas and 1,320 barrels of condensate per day from a test in the Jurassic Lower Safa reservoir.

The production test at the base of the 707-foot gross hydrocarbon column was conducted from 70 feet of perforations between 13,444 feet and 13,514 feet through a one-inch choke with 2,014 pounds per square inch (psi) of flowing wellhead pressure.

"We found more than we were looking for in the Qasr-2X," said G. Steven Farris, Apache president and chief executive officer. "The appraisal well, which is 1.5 miles southwest of the Qasr-1X, is 31 feet structurally higher with an additional 200 net feet of pay. The Qasr discovery and appraisal wells have added significantly to the hydrocarbon potential of Egypt's Western Desert.

"To fully delineate the 13,000-acre, seismically-defined structure, three additional appraisal wells will be drilled; we will spud the first before year-end," Farris said.

The new field is located on the Khalda Concession, which Apache operates with a 100 percent contractor interest. The Qasr-1X discovery flowed 51.8 MMcf of gas and 2,688 barrels of condensate per day from 269 feet of perforations in two intervals from the Lower Safa formation.

The Qasr-1X is flowing approximately 10 MMcf of gas and 400 barrels of condensate per day at 4,135 psi flowing tubing pressure on a 2/64-inch choke. The gas is delivered to Apache's Salam gas plant via a new six-inch early production sales line.

Based on the results of the two wells, Apache estimates reserve potential is now in the range of 1 trillion to 3 trillion cubic feet of gas and 20 million to 70 million barrels of condensate.

An additional 62 feet of pay was logged at shallower depths of the Qasr-2X in the AEB sands; these sands produce oil in the Ozoris Field approximately 2.4 miles northeast of the Qasr-2X well. Apache plans to spud the Qasr-7X well, 215 feet south of the Qasr-2X, before year-end to exploit the AEB-3E and AEB-3D sands.